And on the 10th week…

I get to go home!! Finally. 10 weeks ago, I started out on a trip to the customer’s facility that should have only taken 2 weeks. Not quite 10 weeks later and I’m done. I get to go home and spend the rest of the week sleeping in my bed, sitting in my cubicle at the office, eating food out of my fridge and driving my car around. I’ve missed my car so much, I can’t even begin to tell you guys. It’s such a wonderful feeling to finally be able to be at home and unpack for more than a couple days.

Here’s to wishing everyone as wonderful of a Christmas holiday as I know I’ll have, if for no more reason than I’ll be at home to enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “And on the 10th week…

  1. Update your site people! Ridiculos.
    Not posting recent pictures of your cats and computers- and you call yourselves GEEKS? Hmm. I’m not believing you for one minute.
    So what’s up? Kat I wrote you a letter over Christmas and I’ve been laying in bed sick for 8 days now thinking, “Why doesn’t the mailman come to my door? Modern society with all it’s inconviences…” So it will be off to you maybe tomorrow. And by tomorrow I mean maybe next week when I get the new stamps. Can I just TAPE two pennies to the envelope?!?

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