Post-Turkey Coma Update

Another Thanksgiving come and gone, and there is still turkey in the fridge. I need a Forrest Gump listing of turkey recipies. We ended up having 8 people total for Thanksgiving- Kat and myself, Bob and Kathy, Fred and Diane, and two new people. Dave- who came with Fred and Diane and lives in California and does special effect CG work for Hollywood and Barry- one of Kat’s co-workers at General Dynamics.

There was a giant fryer involved, and a 20lb turkey. I think it would have turned out a little bit better if we didn’t have some problems with the propane tank. But overall, if you want to cook a large turkey quickly, I would reccomend it. It toook about 120 minutes to do the whole thing, it was a bit dry, but like i said, i think it was because of the propane issue. Next year if we do it again we will brine and do flavor injection as well.

The dining room table was just about groaning under the weight of all the food, and after much consumption, we retired to lounge around the house drinking and chatting. I think everyone was finally out of the house by about 11:30. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, and I am still eating leftovers today.

The rest of the weekend passed quickly. We managed to pack in shopping on Black Friday, a trip to Tucscon, and a movie with Kat’s folks. Kat headed back up to Denver this week and is just staying up there over the weekend this time, fewer airplanes she has to ride in, so I will be living the extended bachalor life. Thats it for now, hope everyone else had a good holiday.

2 thoughts on “Post-Turkey Coma Update

  1. The extended bachelor life … too bad GT4 doesn’t have online play. Otherwise … 😉

    GFM <– suddenly realized the other day that he could play it now that he dropped graduate school …

  2. You need to get yourself a copy of Burnout 3- takedown. Racing is fun, crashing into eachother across the country is better.

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