a new arrival

Sean and I’ve been debating on this for a long time. We see people with them and we either go “Awww… isn’t that cute!” or “No way will we ever have one.” There’s no going back now. The decision’s been made. Here’s our new arrival.

7 thoughts on “a new arrival

  1. what kat didn’t want to mention is that the laptop of the house decided to take a dump saturday night. A nice, “the bios can’t find the hard drive” error. Frantic planning ensued, and a plan was hatched to find a mac laptop. We had already been planning on picing one up, this just moved the timeline up by a few months. We ended up picking up the 12″ version, just because we couldn’t justify the $500 bucs to get the next size up. Currently the old hard drive is at Fry’s Electronics on a prayer that we can pull our financial and picture info off of it. Then we will buy a new hard drive for it and sell off the old laptop, anyone interested?

  2. Ah, welcome to World of UniMac, OS 10, so you have all the Mac software to run your stuff? Check out Fink, to download opensource stuff compatable with OS X.

    (the 12″ PB is a great machine, sigh, slight jealosy, while typing on XP machine)


  3. I haven’t checked out Fink yet. I’ll do that tonight. So far, I really love this machine. It’s the perfect size for while I’m on travel and it’s fun getting to figure out how to do things on a Mac as opposed to Winblows.

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