One Week In, And Things Change

Well I just finished up my first week over at (and no, I can’t get discounts for friends, I checked). My current shift is from 9-5:30 M-F, a very coveted shift. Unfortunately, my team got called in for a meeting Friday afternoon, letting us know that because of daylight savings time (which AZ does not observe), they were changing our schedule from 10-6:30. Now this wouldn’t be a problem, if I didn’t have a wife that likes my cooking and like actually seeing me before going to sleep. So my option is this: coporate sent out an e-mail asking for volunteers to work 2nd shift for 3-4 weeks, in exchange for your pick of whatever shift you want after that.

Seems like a good trade, and I put in an e-mail to try to do that. Kat is going to be spending the next 2 weeks (at least) in Denver for work, so this is the perfect itme for me to go ahead with this. It does mean that we will be having thanksgiving dinner as lunch (deep-fried turkey this year!!!), but I will get the schedule I want for the rest of the year. Hope it all works out.

Oh, and the cats were very happy that I opened the windows today.

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5 thoughts on “One Week In, And Things Change

  1. Do I see an arbor in your backyard? 😉

    Glad you’re enjoying the new job.

    Oh, and … happy birthday, Mrs. Morrill. [I will try to call later.]

  2. No arbor in the backyard at this time, it is the same dirtscape as before, trees are forthcomming. We might get to that stuff after the holidays.

  3. I would also like it to be pointed out that in that picture, our two cats are actually within two feet of each other’s presences and they’re not fighting. A miracle occurred that day.

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