Post-Turkey Coma Update

Another Thanksgiving come and gone, and there is still turkey in the fridge. I need a Forrest Gump listing of turkey recipies. We ended up having 8 people total for Thanksgiving- Kat and myself, Bob and Kathy, Fred and Diane, and two new people. Dave- who came with Fred and Diane and lives in California and does special effect CG work for Hollywood and Barry- one of Kat’s co-workers at General Dynamics.

There was a giant fryer involved, and a 20lb turkey. I think it would have turned out a little bit better if we didn’t have some problems with the propane tank. But overall, if you want to cook a large turkey quickly, I would reccomend it. It toook about 120 minutes to do the whole thing, it was a bit dry, but like i said, i think it was because of the propane issue. Next year if we do it again we will brine and do flavor injection as well.

The dining room table was just about groaning under the weight of all the food, and after much consumption, we retired to lounge around the house drinking and chatting. I think everyone was finally out of the house by about 11:30. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, and I am still eating leftovers today.

The rest of the weekend passed quickly. We managed to pack in shopping on Black Friday, a trip to Tucscon, and a movie with Kat’s folks. Kat headed back up to Denver this week and is just staying up there over the weekend this time, fewer airplanes she has to ride in, so I will be living the extended bachalor life. Thats it for now, hope everyone else had a good holiday.

Have Yourself a Merry Epileptic Christmas (Bonus Thanksgiving Post Too)

I was reading over at the Grassroots Motorsports Forum and came across a post that had this video clip in it. I couldn’t resist so here is a link to the video I am talking about:

The Wizards of Winter

From what I’ve been able to find out, this was done in Ohio. It involved 16000 lights, was automated using an 88-channel Light-o-rama computerized light controller, and the song is “Wizards in Winter” by The Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

On an unrealated note, Kats parents are flying in town tomorow to spend Thanksgiving at our house. Perfect time to come visit, as it is 80 during the day, and drops down to the 50’s at night, and we havent had any rain in about a month now. We will be having at least 7 people sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner, and this year we dicided to try the almighty fried turkey. A 20lb fried turkey… Pictures will be taken, and much fun will be had, what are the plans for Thanksgiving back at your house?

In The Pirkinning

For those of you who have not seen this yet, it is worth the lenghty download.

Star Wreck- In The Pirkinning

It is a truly impressive parody of both Star Trek and Babalon 5. It is also in Finnish, with English subtitles, which almost makes it more fun. The special effects are truly Hollywood worthy, and the stript has some pretty good moments. I just finished watching it, and boy, it kinda puts our Dragon*Con TV stuff to shame, of course they did also make this over a period of 7 years, so I don’t feel as bad…. Give it a look, I think any sci-fi geek will enjoy this.

One Week In, And Things Change

Well I just finished up my first week over at (and no, I can’t get discounts for friends, I checked). My current shift is from 9-5:30 M-F, a very coveted shift. Unfortunately, my team got called in for a meeting Friday afternoon, letting us know that because of daylight savings time (which AZ does not observe), they were changing our schedule from 10-6:30. Now this wouldn’t be a problem, if I didn’t have a wife that likes my cooking and like actually seeing me before going to sleep. So my option is this: coporate sent out an e-mail asking for volunteers to work 2nd shift for 3-4 weeks, in exchange for your pick of whatever shift you want after that.

Seems like a good trade, and I put in an e-mail to try to do that. Kat is going to be spending the next 2 weeks (at least) in Denver for work, so this is the perfect itme for me to go ahead with this. It does mean that we will be having thanksgiving dinner as lunch (deep-fried turkey this year!!!), but I will get the schedule I want for the rest of the year. Hope it all works out.

Oh, and the cats were very happy that I opened the windows today.