in the meantime, back at home

Sean and I got back home last night. The flights back to Phoenix weren’t quite as good as the flights to Huntsville, but we at least survived and all of our luggage made it with us. We both had a really great vacation. The time off from work was much needed for both of us. Getting a chance to visit friends and family was absolutely wonderful. DragonCon was an absolute blast this year. It was the first time in a couple of years that I’ve truly enjoyed myself the whole time at Con, which was really nice this year.

Being at home is nice, though. I missed our cats a lot. They seem to have missed us at least a little bit. Today was the day to relax a little bit and ease back into life. We even managed to squeeze some home improvement into the day by picking up another window blinds for one more window (we’re down to two more windows to get blinds for). Our fridge is now restocked with food and Sean and I are both caught up on e-mail and the pile of mail waiting for us on our kitchen table.

Tomorrow brings our first day back at work in two weeks. I’ll see exactly how screwed up my schedule got screwed up in a matter of two weeks. Sean will hopefully get a set route at his job. In the meantime, dinner must be prepared and sleep must be acquired.