5 minutes flat

This week started out oddly and the forecast for the rest of the week shows no indication of the oddness lightening up. Monday morning started as my typical workday, except for the fact that I had coffee in my travel mug instead of my usual tea. It was a long weekend. I started with my two work e-mail accounts, like I always do. Depending on what’s sitting in my inbox usually dictates how the rest of my day is going to be organized. My calendar in Outlook also kindly reminds me of any meetings that I have throughout the day.

The day turned weird around noon when I got a call from one of our developers who is currently working on integrating software at our customer’s site. I knew that last week had shown a lot of problems with the way we’re used to integrating software at our own facility and that my testing would also follow some of the same difficulties, but I would just have to deal with them when I went up there next week. The developer started talking to me about how I really needed to be up there this week and that there were some briefings I would have to go through and they needed some help on some test preparation that was supposed to be happening up there this week. Great. One of the customer guys got on the phone and indicated the same thing. Peachy. I spent the rest of my afternoon getting the go ahead for last-minute travel from my boss’ boss (my boss is out this entire week) and then making the travel plans.

I got to go home last night and tell Sean that I would be out of town for a couple of days, while still promising that I would be back in town for Saturday to celebrate our anniversary. I packed my carry-on bag last night. I would only need to be up there for a couple days. Nothing I couldn’t pack in carry-on.

Got to work this morning. My flight wouldn’t leave until 6pm this evening, so I could still easily get a full day’s work in today before having to catch my flight. I actually got a lot knocked out this morning. Our group took one of my coworkers out for his birthday lunch. Yummy Mexican food. Got back to work. Continued going down my to-do list. 2pm rolls around and I notice that a couple of the customer people are gathering in our conference room, but for the most part ignore it. I ignored it up to the point when the program manager walks into the room and heads straight into the conference room. She never comes to our meetings. She shouldn’t have to. Uh oh. 5 minutes later, everyone leaves the room and my boss’ boss comes to me and tells me, “Cancel your trip for tomorrow. Put your trip for the next three weeks on hold.” What?!

Turns out there seem to be problems with another component other than ours and their need for the lab/test equipment at the customer’s facility is greater than ours. Schedule push. Our developers who are up there get to fly back tomorrow morning and I get to put that part of my life on hold until Friday when I find out when it’s been reschedule to. I spent the rest of my afternoon on the phone with our travel agent and AmericaWest Airlines cancelling my reservations (I’d already done online check-in, thus the need to involve the airline in this matter).

I walked out to Sean’s waiting car after this work, turned to him and said, “Well, at least there’s one place we won’t be going to tonight. The airport.” We promptly headed to one of our favorite places in town, Mucho Gusto, where I imbibed on several margaritas and tasty food before heading back to the house.

It’s amazing how fast you can get at unpacking bags after doing it so many times. 5 minutes flat. It took me longer to type this post than it took me to unpack my things and have my life resume it’s normal spinning. Well, at least my home life resume it’s normal spinning. I don’t think my work life will ever have a normal spinning.

Upside: I get to spend more time this week at home with Sean. Downside: Sean’s just got a new video game, Burnout 3. Oh well, at least I get to read my book.

in the meantime, back at home

Sean and I got back home last night. The flights back to Phoenix weren’t quite as good as the flights to Huntsville, but we at least survived and all of our luggage made it with us. We both had a really great vacation. The time off from work was much needed for both of us. Getting a chance to visit friends and family was absolutely wonderful. DragonCon was an absolute blast this year. It was the first time in a couple of years that I’ve truly enjoyed myself the whole time at Con, which was really nice this year.

Being at home is nice, though. I missed our cats a lot. They seem to have missed us at least a little bit. Today was the day to relax a little bit and ease back into life. We even managed to squeeze some home improvement into the day by picking up another window blinds for one more window (we’re down to two more windows to get blinds for). Our fridge is now restocked with food and Sean and I are both caught up on e-mail and the pile of mail waiting for us on our kitchen table.

Tomorrow brings our first day back at work in two weeks. I’ll see exactly how screwed up my schedule got screwed up in a matter of two weeks. Sean will hopefully get a set route at his job. In the meantime, dinner must be prepared and sleep must be acquired.

still alive

Sean and I are still alive. We’ve been on vacation for the past week and a half. We flew back to Huntsville two Saturdays ago and spent a few days with friends and my family in Huntsville before heading to Atlanta for DragonCon. After several days of work and fun at DragonCon, we’re now happily settled into Sean’s parents’ home in Alpharetta for a couple more days before heading back to Huntsville and then back home to Phoenix.

I have many pictures to edit and upload. I’m going to try to get at least some of them done tomorrow. I’ll also post more as I get the pictures uploaded.

Also, for those who read my website and know that I have family from New Orleans, yes, my family is all safe. From what we know my grandmother’s house in NO is still underwater, but we’re staying in touch and I know that at the very least my mom is going to head down there and help my grandmother out as soon as they can get back into the city and see what state the house is in. I’m just glad that family is still alive and I encourage anyone who can afford to to make contributions to the American Red Cross to help with the relief from this disaster on our home turf.