what a long strange trip

Tomorrow begins the progression of several trips over a couple (maybe three) months. Tomorrow morning and approximately 8am, I get on a plane to San Francisco. An incredibly good friend of mine is getting married on Saturday and I’m in the wedding. Thus begins several days of celebration, mad scrambling to finish preparations for the wedding and, hopefully, a few hours here and there of sight-seeing. My camera’s packed. My laptop is about to be packed (as soon as my iPod finishes charging). Oh yeah, and those pesky things like clothes, bridesmaid’s dress and shoes, etc. Those are packed, too. I’m really looking forward to this, because I’ll finally see a bit of San Francisco that isn’t directly around the Moscone Convention Center. Hopefully, I’ll also get to see Crutcher and Theresa while I’m in the area, since I’ll have all day Sunday to be lazy and chill with friends.

On Sunday night I will fly back from San Fran and spend the next five days scrambling to get more work done around the office (with a possible day trip to Denver) before the next leg of travelling begins. Saturday, the 27th, Sean and I embark on a flight to get us back to Huntsville, where we will spend several days with family and friends. Wednesday afternoon, we will drive over to Atlanta and stay with some friends before heading to downtown Atlanta for several days of working at Dragon*Con as part of the Technical Operations staff. Monday night, we will wearily drive up to Sean’s parents’ house and crash for several days spending time with his folks. Friday night, drive back to Huntsville and then Saturday afternoon, fly back to Phoenix. Sunday, we rest. Oh yeah, and do laundry.

The following week, I’ll spend preparing to spend the next 3 to 4 weeks up in Denver at our customer’s facility, performing testing. Thankfully, I can choose to fly back home on the weekends or spend it up there. We’ll see. I’ll most likely choose to fly back home just to get some normality in my life. This will last at least until the end of September, if not into October. Hopefully, come October, I’ll finally be finished and will be able to come back home to cats who will no longer recognize me and a house that I will miss very dearly while gone.

What a long, strange trip it’ll be.

2 thoughts on “what a long strange trip

  1. Straits Cafe in San Francisco. Singaporean food. It’s on Geary, which is a major east-west street in town. What I had, at least, was just obscenely tasty. 🙂

  2. I wish I’d known earlier today. 🙂 I’m settled into my hotel in Palo Alto now, but I was in San Fran earlier in the afternoon. I had a very tasty lunch in North Beach at a little cafe (ridiculously tasty hot focaccia sandwiches) and a delightly scrumptious snack in Chinatown. Speaking of food, my tummy’s grumbling. Time to go hunt something down here in town. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

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