wet arizona

Note to self: During monsoon season, if NOAA says it’s supposed to rain, bring a rain jacket. They’re not kidding. Really.

I had to spend a half-day at home yesterday, waiting on workmen to get to our house for some maintenance after our one-year home inspection. I get to the door of the office building and notice that it’s wet on the other side. grr… Damn those weathermen for being right this one time in a year. I got to sprint to the guard shack, rest for a minute and then sprint the rest of my way to my car on the other side of the parking lot. I wasn’t drenched, but I was close to it. The ride home was very humid, to say the least.

This morning, on my way out of the house, I was wise. I grabbed my rain jacket. This, of course, means that it won’t rain a drop today because I came prepared.

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