short trip

I just flew back in tonight from a highly compressed but, thankfully, productive business meeting in Denver. I’m tired. I found out Thursday that I would be flying up to Denver yestreday (Tuesday). This, of course, meant a mad scramble to finally get around to activating my silly corporate card and getting my info into the travel system. After spending way too much on plane tickets and having to scramble to find a hotel room (apparently the National Junior Dragster Championship was in town), a couple of my coworkers and I flew up to Denver yesterday afternoon. The flight was miserable (no air-conditioning even though the flight attendants were swearing the pilot had it cranked all the way up). The weather was rainy once we got in to Denver, but it was wonderfully cool. It was a great relief after the heat we’ve had lately in Phoenix. The hotel was quite suitable. Today’s weather was gorgeous (even if I only got to enjoy it for a few minutes). Flew back into town tonight and am now ready for sleep. Playing corporate politics for a day exhausted me more than I was expecting. Thank goodness the week’s almost over.