Cashing in on Useless Knowledge

Well, as everyone may well know I have a unhealthy obsession with cars. I read about them online everyday, i spend time in bookstores flipping through magazines and I chat up everybody I know about what new thing I have learned about cars everytime I see them.

Well I think I have finally found an outlet for my previously useless knowledge. On July 29th I start my new job with Vivid Racing. I was hired on to become their wholesale brand manager, basically growing the Vivid Racing business to business sales. Vivid deals with aftermarket automotive parts, things like body kits and go fast poarts. They even have a shop to do all the installation and recently installed an AWD dynometer for tuning. I am extremely excited about my prospects with this job and may have finally found the career path for me.

This also means that any of you car people out there that I talk to, go visit the website. I can probably swing a deal with you depending on what you need. We will also be adding rim and tire packages soon. We can get them now, they are just not listed. Give me a ring after the 29th, and I can give you more details.

Well that’s the gist of the post, Sean has a new job, selling aftermarket car parts. And he is most excited.