the diet, day eleven: and we’re spent

Day Eleven
Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs with cheese
Lunch – Chicken and grapes
Water: ~100 oz.

To say that we’re both glad to be done with this diet is an understatement. Eating a piece of red meat was absolutely exquisite this evening. We have five eggs left in our fridge and I think the closest to a whole egg I’m going to be eating for a little while will be french toast.

Tomorrow, Sean goes in for his nose job. Afterwards, he’ll be spending the next day or two eating things like homemade chicken noodle soup and smoothies. Hopefully, by Sunday he’ll be up to more solid foods, because we’re headed to some friends to watch MotoGP on TV and munch on gumbo. Yes, folks, my cooking bug is back with a vengeance now that I can cook freely again. We’re going to both be much more watchful of portions and calorie intake, but it’s nice to indulge a little bit.

Not too much to say about today, other than that I’m once more very glad to be done with the diet. The restricted menu was nice for a while, but the repetitiveness started to get on both of our nerves after the first half. Overall success was that Sean and I both lost about 6 pounds. Not too bad. Most of that weight, of course, was lost in the first week, which leads me to feel that perhaps this diet could work in smaller doses. Perhaps in a few more weeks I’ll be interested in trying that theory out. We’ll see. For now, I hope everyone has a lovely evening. Sean and I are going to get a good night’s rest and get to the surgery center first thing in the morning.

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3 thoughts on “the diet, day eleven: and we’re spent

  1. Sean, we’re thinking of you and your surgery. Things are going great here. Next week I will be going up to the Pittsburg, PA area for a couple days to teach Excel classes. I’ll call Kat to see how you’re doing.


  2. Actually… That’s pretty appropriate right now. We got home about an hour ago from Sean’s surgery. He’s doing all right. He’s really groggy from being knocked out for an hour and the splints are apparently very uncomfortable, but he’s got Percoset to keep him happy and right now he’s sleeping. We’ll see how things go over the next couple days.

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