the diet, day seven: malls are evil

Day Seven
Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs with cheese and turkey
Lunch – Roast Beef Sandwich
Snack – Grapes
Dinner – Barbecue Chicken
Water: ~82 oz.

After much icing of my knee and after many ibuprofen pills were ingested, my knee actually got better today. It got better to the point that I was getting cabin fever. We decided that since Sean’s been needing new shorts and a new pair of sneakers, we would head to Arizona Mills (a very large indoor outlet mall). Old Navy thankfully produced two pair of cargo shorts for $15 a piece and $foo shoe store produced some New Balance sneakers for $39. Not too bad. While walking around the mall, though, Sean and I both noticed the strategic placements of candy shops, pretzel places, etc. There was a candy shop that sold smoothies and icies and the such right next the bathroom (for all of those people that have to wait for the other people to use the bathroom). Other candy shops, I noticed, were placed right next to or across from kids’ stores. The evil part was the fact that I actually wanted some of the stuff. I normally don’t crave candy. I have come to enjoy actual cooked or prepared desserts much more than candy. Both of our bodies have hit the point that we’ve deprives them of what they want long enough that they’re fighting back with cravings.

Four more days to go, but I know that every one of those days is going to be very hard. Blissfully, tomorrow I’ll be home for most of the day, getting a little bit of work done as well as cleaning the house. It needs a good, thorough scrubbing and my day off seems to be a good time to get it done.

On another note, it’s now five days away from when Sean gets to have his nose job. I know he’s really not looking forward to this. We picked up some frozen fruit to have on hand for smoothies. My boss is letting me take sick leave to take care of Sean. Did I mention that I think my boss is awesome? 🙂 As a result of the fact that Sean is not looking forward to this surgery and that we will just be finishing this diet before it, after much discussion and deliberation, we are going to break the diet on our last meal. We have also agreed that we will not feel guilty for this. We have been incredibly good on this diet so far. We have given up a lot of foods that we enjoy eating and drinks that we enjoy drinking. We have exercised religiously and we have successfully seen results. I’m not going to ask Sean, though, to drink smoothies for a few days without getting to enjoy one meal before the smoothies descend. So, Thursday night’s dinner is completely up to him.

Time to go finish up laundry tonight, read a bit and then get a good night’s rest. Sean, unfortunately, has to go to work tomorrow.

the diet, day six: hump day

Day Six
Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs with cheese and turkey
Lunch – skipped
Snack – Celery and carrots
Dinner – Roast Beef Sandwich
Water: ~ 80 oz

You’re really not supposed to skip a meal. Your body needs food approximately every 4 hours to keep your metabolism going. I’ll just say, though, that unless you’re a prisoner in your home or you are working most of the day, it’s very hard to get four meals, with the specific requirements of this diet, in when you’re running errands or just out spending time with friends. Lunch yesterday was supposed to be another wonderful “Delicious” Egg Omelette. There are two places you can get such a thing at a restaurant without the said item being covered in grease. US Egg closes after a very short lunch stint (2pm) and so does The Good Egg. We ate breakfast at 9:30 and we went to see a matinee showing (noon) of Episode III. We didn’t get out of the theatre until 2:15pm. There went that idea. Instead, we went straight to our snack, which we’d brought with us and just ate an early dinner last night.

There really wasn’t an incredibly hard part of yesterday. We had our roast beef sandwiches at Jason’s Deli with our friends Fred and Diane. The sandwiches were awesome, so I didn’t feel like I was missing anything there. Movie theatre popcorn is good, but I get it so rarely, I didn’t feel like I was missing it while at the movies. Diane is the one that pointed me to the diet so she was incredibly nice to us yesterday.

Instead of walking for 30 minutes yesterday, the four of us went ice skating. What a blast! I had forgotten how much I like ice skating and it had the bonus of getting us out of the 110 degree heat. We skated for a couple hours until our legs were too tired to skate anymore and then played a few video games at the skate rink before heading home for the evening. My knee’s a little swollen this morning, especially from practicing skating backwards, but it was well worth it.

Today should be easier to stick to the diet since I’m not planning on doing much, especially since walking’s a little painful right now. We might even sneak over to the gym so that we can swim today and not have to deal with me attempting to walk tonight.