the diet, day five: and more is shed

Day Five
Weight: 179.0
Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with cheese
Lunch – Pasta with spaghetti sauce (no meat)
Snack – Cottage cheese
Dinner – “Delicious” Egg Omelette with smoked sausage and green peppers; Spinach and strawberry salad
Water: ~ 84 oz.

Holy cow!!! I can’t believe it but I’ve broken the barrier of 180 lb. that I’ve struggled with for over 3 years. I would always lose weight, but was never able to break into the 170s. I was singing as I walked out of the locker room in the gym this afternoon. Extra good news for me today was that I got the gumption up to try on some jeans that have been sitting in my closet for about a year now. I cried the day I couldn’t fit into them. Today, I nearly cried because I could wear them again. They’re still a little snug, but I didn’t care. They fit and that was what mattered.

Hardest part of the day was the realization that the cravings have begun. I made it four days into the diet before they started getting bad. I must note to not go into the cafeteria too much. Krispy Kreme donuts are very tempting. The grocery store wasn’t too great either. I made the mistake of walking down the freezer aisle with ice cream. My only saving grace is that Sean and I have taken great pains to take our diet meals and make them as tasty as possible. Our dinner tonight merely called for a “delicious” egg omelette, that we could add a meat (with restrictions) and veggies to, and a salad. We chose a spinach and strawberry salad because it’s very healthy and we love spinach and strawberries. The sausage we used has spinach and kalamata olives in it as well as some spice, so it gives the omelette some kick. We could have just had a plain iceberg lettuce salad with some sort of dressing and a plain omelette with cheese and green peppers in it, but that would drive me crazy very soon. Keeping the meals interesting keeps us interested in sticking to the diet.

I should have started an egg count at the beginning of this diet. I didn’t realize how many eggs this diet has us eat. By the time Thursday night rolls around, we will have eaten 15 meals that consisted mainly of eggs. Approximately half of those meals are scrambled eggs. The other half are these “delicious” egg omelettes. I think the only reason the diet describes them as “delicious” is so that you don’t start throwing them out the window by the time the eleventh day rolls around. Expletives might start prefacing “delicious” in the next day or two. Sorry moms who are reading this. Apparently, our mouths were not washed out with soap enough times as children. That’s for another post on another day, though. I think it’s safe to say that between Sean and me, by the time we’re done with this diet on Thursday night, we will have eaten approximately 65 eggs. For those of you wrapping your minds around that number, it is 5 eggs over 5 dozen. That’s a lot of eggs. We’re buying the 18 egg packs right now.

Another food that I have determined I will eat shortly after going off this diet is a hamburger. A nice, juicy, tender hamburger that’s dripping with cheese and barbecue sauce.

That actually brings me to a question I would like to ask you, the readership. We are going to finish this diet on Thursday night. Our last meal will be dinner. Friday morning, Sean is going in for his surgery on his septum. The doctor has warned him that for a few days after the surgery he wouldn’t want to eat solid foods because the roof of his mouth would be sore. We discussed possibly breaking the diet on the very last meal. I would like for Sean to have a really good meal (completely of his choosing) before he might be stuck drinking smoothies for a few days.
Should we break the diet Thursday night and eat a good meal somewhere or should we stick it out in hopes that Sean won’t be drinking too many smoothies? Post your thoughts as a comment and we’ll take them into account when making our decision.

That’s it for now. My very sore legs (swimming was not fun in the very cold water of the indoor pool today) and I are going to sit in front of the tv this evening and catch up on some TiVo.