the diet, day four: the fiber overfloweth

Day Four
Breakfast – Fruit Salad (apples, pears, watermelon, strawberries and plums)
Lunch – Veggie only salad with oil and vinegar (and salt to add taste)
Dinner – Grilled asparagus, zucchini, broccoli and corn
Water: ~106 oz.

As I’m sure you’ve already keenly observed, there was not a shred of meat in our diet today. No sirree. Today was the day of eating like a rabbit for 24 hours. I am here to say that I am appreciative of the place I reside in the food chain. I’m not saying being a vegetarian is bad. Vegetarians still eat things like protein (soy beans, yum!) and pasta. No, we truly ate like rabbits today. I will certainly admit that I love vegetables. Yes, mom, you heard me say that. I love vegetables. After today, though, I’m ready to not touch one for a little while.

Hardest part of the day… well, there were two really. The first was the sitting with my coworkers for lunch and having my mouth water over the ribeye steak sandwiches that most people got for lunch. Realistically, I know that the steak was tough and way overcooked for my liking, but in my mind today, it looked like a medium-rare cut of filet mignon. I miss beef. Chalk that up to something else I’m going to relish eating after this diet. The second hard part of the day was not getting a snack. My snack usually breaks up my afternoon nicely. In my mind, I know when it’s time to eat my snack that my afternoon is half over and in only a couple more hours my work day is done. It’s a nice afternoon boost if I’ve been sitting in front of my computer all day.

The water, although it still runs through my system like a pretty steady stream, is starting to become a natural part of my day. I instinctively reach for it at work (although there’s still my morning cup of coffee to start me off). I grab a bottle of water out of the fridge when I’m sitting around in the evenings. This diet has definitely gotten me down the path of keeping myself hydrated without thinking about it too much.

I walked 40 minutes tonight. It was only supposed to be 30 minutes, but I lost track of time. Our neighborhood has turned into a great walking track. Tonight, I took the outside ring of roads. Saturday and Sunday, I’ll likely take a switchback path through parts of the neighborhood. My iPod kept me company on the walk. Carbon Leaf has proven to be excellent walking music (good, pretty constant pace).

Tomorrow will be interesting because I get to see what only eating fruits and vegetables for a day has done to my digestive system. It hasn’t complained too much today, but the night is young and there’s still tomorrow. Back in the diet for tomorrow is eggs. Oh, eggs, how I love thee. At least, until I get tired of you, too, and then I’ll be ready to swear off eggs like I’m ready to with veggies. I also get to see tomorrow if any more weight has been shed. I’m silently, desperately praying that I have, while at the same time bracing myself if I haven’t. Mid-way point is only a little more than a day away…

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  1. Sounds like you’re making progress – and the grilled veggies for dinner would have worked for me. My biggest problem would be the fruit (which I hate – pretty much apples only here)…

    Good luck! Keep going!

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