the diet, day three: still drinking water

Day Three
Weight: 181.3
Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs with roasted asparagus and tomatoes
Lunch – Plain Oatmeal with golden raisins
Snack – Mixed nuts (with some pumpkin seeds mixed in)
Dinner – “Delicious” Egg Omelette with sausage, bell peppers and onion
Water: ~110 oz.

I couldn’t believe my eyes this afternoon when I stepped on the digital scale at the gym. 181.3. 2.2 pounds less than I weighed two days ago. I’m still not entirely sure I believe it, but I’ve actually managed to lose weight. We’ll see if this trend continues, but needless to say, it’s given me the energy and motivation to keep trying.

Hard part of the day. I’m noticing that there’s always one of these when you’re on a diet. The hard part of today was smelling Chinese food that a coworker brought to an inspection. He sat right down next to me, opened the container and the smell just wafted in my direction. It wasn’t being biased. It just happened to be the flow of air in the room. Either way, my mouth started to water and I knew I had to get away from that smell and quickly. Instead of ditching out on the inspection entirely (I don’t think the moderator would have been terribly amused at my excuse of, “I was about to gorge myself upon my coworker’s Chinese, so I decided to leave.” Instead, I swapped seats with another coworker sitting on the far other side of the table. It still looked good, but at least the food smell was far enough away to not be overly tempting.

The sheer volume of water that I’m consuming is getting easier. I think my bladder is actually getting bigger because I didn’t go to the bathroom as often today. It’s not like I’m counting or anything, but it just felt like I was at my desk more today. The increase in water today was a direct result from me being really thirsty while swimming. I consumed almost 32 oz. just during swimming today. Like I said, I was thirsty.

No hunger pains today. My portions are once more resuming their smaller size. Two eggs in my omelette tonight, instead of three (I didn’t eat all three last night, but I sure as hell tried). The same with breakfast. The oatmeal for lunch held me easily through my snack (I only ate a few nuts) and through my workout. After swimming, we ran by Sam’s Club to stock up on sodas and snacks for the Soda Fund at work. My evil plan is slowly working. While I lose weight, I fatten up my coworkers and soon, I will be able to take over the world! Um, well, maybe not, but I’m the one with the Sam’s Club membership at work, so that means I’m the benevolent soul who brings all of the stuff in, even if I’m not going to be partaking for another 8 days.

Once more, no cheating today. It was tempting, though, tonight to eat some of the fruit that we were cutting up for breakfast tomorrow. Tomorrow’s going to be interesting. We only eat fruits and vegetables for the day. No snack, just breakfast, lunch and dinner. This isn’t too much of a hardship, since both Sean and I eat lots of different veggies, but I will admit that I’m going to miss eating even just a little bit of meat.

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