the diet, day two: learning the tiles of the bathroom

Day Two
Breakfast – Banana Milk Shake with a bit of peanut butter
Lunch – Chicken with Pasta and Spaghetti Sauce
Snack – Cottage Cheese
Dinner – “Delicious” Egg Omelette with ham and bell peppers
Water: ~85 oz.

I’m beginning to memorize the tile patterns in the bathroom’s floor at work. I am constantly having to go to the bathroom. Normally, I drink between 32 – 40 oz. of water every day. I am currently doubling that amount in order to follow this diet and my bladder is definitely taking note. I was a little better today about distributing my water intake throughout the day. I tried not to guzzle water, but instead just to drink a steady stream. It seems to help a little, but I’m still memorizing the tile on the bathroom floor. Maybe I need to convince HR to put interesting things on the stall walls. Or better yet, books in each stall. That way, I can read the great American novel by the time I’ve gone through a cycle of this diet.

Two big concepts with this diet is that you can eat as much of the food as you want, but that you have to eat it slowly. What used to take me 15 minutes to gulp down at work, I’m now stretching out to 30 minutes. It helps that today I ate in front of my computer, instead of actually taking a break from work. The eating slow thing is the hardest for Sean to accomplish. He’s used to inhaling his food. I’m noticing a concentrated effort to eat slower, but I know that it’s particularly hard for him to keep in mind, especially when you’re hungry.

I didn’t wake up hungry this morning. That surprised me. I really didn’t think that just eating chicken would hold me over, but it did. I got a little hungry before lunch, but then again, I usually do. It doesn’t help that I eat breakfast at 6am and then don’t eat lunch until 11am. Other than that, I haven’t really been hungry today. The only problem with that was that it made it hard to tell when to stop eating dinner tonight. I most likely overate a little bit for dinner, but recognizing that, I’ll pay more attention to portion control for dinner tomorrow night.

Before this diet, I always felt that the hardest part of any diet that I tried was just trying to get through the first day. That was where I always failed with other diets or nutrition changes. With this one, the first day was actually relatively easy. Being told exactly what I would eat made it pretty easy to get through the day without being tempted too badly. The hard part came today when my coworkers ordered out for lunch and I couldn’t partake. The food smelled so good that I couldn’t even eat with them. Don’t get me wrong, the food I eat doesn’t taste like cardboard. Sean and I couldn’t abide any diet that forced that upon us. But, the take-out still smelled incredibly good, and it was particularly hard because this restaurant gives you free snickerdoodle cookies with your meal. Let me tell you, these are awesome snickerdoodles. The best I have ever had, hands down.

We made it, though. No cheating today. I’m even starting to get used to drinking Splenda in my coffee in the morning and only using skim milk as creamer for it. We’re about to go out for our 30 minute walk. We would have gone out earlier, but we were waiting for the sun to set more and for the temperature to calm down. After that, prep time for tomorrow and then I think I’ll be ready for bed.

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2 thoughts on “the diet, day two: learning the tiles of the bathroom

  1. Good for both you and Sean! It is hard, but I will cheer you on. When you are at a weight you want to be, you will look back on this experience and say, that was hard but I did it and feel proud of yourselves.

  2. Good luck – sounds like an interesting diet & something I might be able to stick to… it’d at least force me to exercise more regularly at least…

    See y’all at con!

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