the diet, day one

After having spent the first 6 months living in Phoenix putting on 10 pounds and the last 6 losing only 5, I have come to my limit. It doesn’t help that for the past several years my general physician kept nagging me to lose weight because of my tendency towards high blood pressure (thanks, dad).

I have finally decided to truly try dieting. This isn’t long term. The diet that I found is a 2-week cycle. That way, once you’ve lost the weight you wanted to lose, you stop dieting and merely eat more practically. Sean and I are going in on this together, since we figure each other’s support through participation is best and we could both stand to lose a few pounds.

So, for the next 11 days (it’s a 2-week cycle, but the last three days are a break time), I am going to write a daily post about this diet and how it affects me and, hopefully, my weight. Every few days, you might even get lucky enough to see me be willing to post my weight. So, here goes…

Day One:
Weight: 183.5
Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with green peppers and cheese
Lunch – Turkey breast sandwich with swiss cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce
Snack – Fruit salad with watermelon, strawberries, apple and pear
Dinner – Chicken breast
Water: ~90 oz.

A few commentaries on this diet first of all. Number one, the amount of water is going to kill me. Either that, or I’ll be able to swim to work by the end of this. I have gone to the bathroom today more times than I can possibly count. My coworkers must really have been wondering about whether or not I was sick with how many times I left that room today. Sean apparently didn’t fare too much better than I did, although I think he drank more water than I did, from the empty gallon bottle of water sitting in the car this afternoon.

We went and worked out at the gym today. The diet actually requires 30 minutes of exercise (non-weight bearing) every day. So, Monday, Wednesday and Friday we’ll swim. The rest of the time we’ll walk. This way it keeps it from becoming monotonous. The swimming felt very nice today, especially considering the temperature around here has happily settled in over 100 degrees now.

The hardest part for me today was sticking to the meal plan. In order to make this easier, Sean and I prepped everything we could last night so that there could be no excuses this morning when we were cranky and tired. Breakfast was great. It was the first hot weekday breakfast I’d had in a while. The scrambled eggs held me through until lunch and I wound up only needing to eat half of my sandwich before I was full. I got hungry, though, right in the middle of my inspection at 1pm today. I couldn’t eat my snack, though, until 2:30pm. The next hour and a half were just about pure agony. The sad part was, though, by the time I ate my fruit salad, I really wasn’t hungry anymore. Dinner was the same way. I was starving when we left the gym, but by the time we got home and fixed dinner, I wasn’t really hungry. I ate my chicken and I was pleasantly full. It’s almost like the diet is forcing me to condition my body and myself to not instinctively snack every time my body requests food. We’ll see how well this works.

One cool thing is that we’re allowed one glass of wine a day. It felt almost sinful drinking that wonderful syrah with our dinner tonight. The funny part was that one glass of wine made both Sean and me rather giggly. Heck, I’m still a little giggly from it.

We’ll see how well my body handles tomorrow’s meals. To be continued…

I am not in anyway telling people that they should go out and try this diet. If anything, I am hoping that after I have gone through one cycle of this diet, people will be able to see more of the reality of this particular diet. I strongly encourage anyone that is even remotely considering going on a diet to first consult their physician and then spend many hours and days going through all of the different options out there and only then make an informed decision on what would work best for them. If you are interested in reading more about the diet that I am on, go to: Diet Access

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2 thoughts on “the diet, day one

  1. You know how you could make your exercise more interesting? Drive northwest of town, then try to OUTRUN THE FIRES.

  2. Very interesting. Since I’m going to be out-of-commission on the exercise front for 10 weeks, I’m going to be very conscious of my diet so I don’t gain what I’ve already lost. Thankfully, this is a good time of year for produce, so I can savor salads and veggies galore. I plan on swimming after I’m out of the moonboot since that will be low-impact on my foot. I’m curious to see how you guys do on this. Good luck!

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