Devious Septum

More news from the blazing hot land of Phoenix.

Driving home from work today one of the LED signs at the car dealership gave me a winning poker hand “111 degrees” Needless to say we have been spending a bit of time indoors.

I have a theory that people move to Phoenix just to have something to talk about, because you can always talk about the weather.

On to other things, for those of you who don’t know, I have been having serious sinus and allergy problems for over a year now. I can only sleep on my right side, and have made Kleenex corp. open a new division for Phoenix. Well after throwing medication (up to 5 differents types at a time) into my body, i went on tuesday to an ear-nose-throat doctor. It took him all of 10 minutes to come to a reasonable conclution with three options.

The conclusion was that I have some pretty good allergic reactions to the local trees and flowers, and that I have a pretty severe deviated septum that blocks about 90 percent of my right nostril.

Now with those two problems I have three solutions.
1. An in the office procedure to reduce the size of the turbinates (air filters inside your nose, they swell due to allergies), but he would only do it to the left side, and the right wouldn’t do me any good.
2. Since shots are cost ineffective, he uses a procedure of allergy drops that you put under your tongue, and gradually get you used to the allergins. Same idea as the shots, without the whole shot thing. Usually takes about 6 months at least to become effective.
3. Surgery- removal of the septum. may not totally cure my problem, because it may make the allergies worse, but I would have use of both nostrils.

So I have scheduled on July 8th to go in and have the surgery, we will see how I have after, and then possibly do the allergin drops after that.

This is a picture of what I should look like after the procedure:

No, seriously, the chances of anything going wrong are about 5%, this is a pretty common procedure.

I will be off work for approximately a week to heal up, and you can expect some pretty good painkiller induced ramblings at that time. Wish me luck!

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10 thoughts on “Devious Septum

  1. You guys can call each other while drugged up and have really amusing conversations that Andy and I can snicker at in the background. 😉

  2. A co-worker of mine just had this surgery. Really, it’s not too hard to do. I’ve got a Dremel I could use and save you a ton of money. You might have to buy the oxycontin illegally, though.

  3. Actually, now that I think about it, Kat, you might want to talk to Jeremy to find out about his surgery. He ha dmore than this, I think, when he had his sinus surgery done, but he could give you guys a good idea of what to expect.

  4. Yes, I did have this and several other things done about 10 years ago and it made a world of difference. There were “nasal tampons” used but I don’t expect that you will need them for just a deviated septum. I won’t share all the details about that experience here but it wasn’t pretty.

    The worst part of the septum part of the surgery was where they made the incision on the inside of my nose was sore for quite a while. Not a “OMG this really hurts” sore but “my nose is sore and it’s annoying” sore.

    It should also be noted that I didn’t have mine completely removed but shaven on one side to open up my passage, so results may vary, no warranty in Nevada.

  5. I had that surgery two years ago. I went in on a Thursday and spent the night, left on Friday, was out with my mom wandering around in the mall on Saturday. Back at work on Wednesday. Once they take the packing out there is very little pain. BTW they don’t remove the septum, the straighten the septum. As far as how well it works. I went from 6 ear infections in 8 months to 2 sinus infections in the last two years. I’ll take the results, but the allergies are still there. You’re just able to drain a lot better so not so many infections.

    Anyway, there’s my two experienced cents in relations to devious septums!

  6. I’m personally hoping that Sean has similar experiences to Todd and Jeremy where it really helps him out. We’ve been really seriously trying to fix this for 6 months now and I’m ready for him to sleep really well for one night. Here’s to hoping!

  7. Well, it’s one of those things where you don’t really notice a change, but 6 months down the road you go, “hey, I haven’t been sick in a while.” Sarah, say’s I snore less now. But that’s only when I don’t have a sinus infection like I have now.

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