Passing the Musical Clu-Stik

Looks like Jeff wants to see where my musical tastes run, so no more waiting, okay? Songs will be iTunes links if they have them.

Amount of music on your computer?

Kat and I recently finished the great CD ripping project, and that along with my downloads from a few years back equals 7677 songs at about 38.48 GB of space. I think I still have a couple of CD floating around that we can’t rip for some reason (scratches, copy-protection, etc.), but that pretty much sums up the mp3 collection.

Currently listening to?

Hard to say, I listen to a lot of radio around here, my work truck doesn’t have a cd player. So I tend to listen to NPR, and two local stations 98 KUPD which plays new rock, and decently hard rock stuff, great DJs, and The Edge 103.9 which is a real, independent radio station, so you get a very eclectic mix of rock and punk music. Besides that? Well I just stick iTunes on random when I am at the computer.

Five songs that mean a lot to you?

Interesting category, because like Jeff said, what genre? I will give it my best shot.

Dave Mathews Band’s “Where Are You Going?- I know, kinda obvious, but this is the song that Kat and I danced to at our wedding. Lyrics are great, and will always keep the memory of a wonderful and exciting day. Quit ‘awww’ing out there. (suprisingly, no iTunes link). Off Busted Stuff album.

Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like a Hole“- This is one of the first Industrial songs that I ever heard, and would shape my musical tastes for a long time to come. I will always be a fan of this genre of music because of the entire album Pretty Hate Machine.

Angie Aparo’s “Green into Gold”- This song has an environmental slant to it. In High School I was pretty involved with the environmental club (co -president one year), and even did some environmental studies classes in college. This song always reminds me of those days, and takes me back to being in the woods. Off of The American album.

Orbital’s “The Box part 2”- One of the greatest techno songs I have ever heard. I even have the single, which clocks in at 27 and a half minutes (4 versions). Got me into techno, and will keep me there for a long time. Off of In Sides album.

R.E.M.’s “Nightswimming“- I sing to this song at full volume everytime I hear it. It just strikes a chord with me. Off of the Automatic for the People album.

Top five albums?

Bah, what a tough post to compose, but for more musical insite, read on.

R.E.M Automatic for the People– Go figure, I like one song off the album, and the rest of the songs are quite good as well. I feel like this is the best album R.E.M. put out, I think their other albums have some great songs on them, but I like every single track on this one.

2 Skinnee J’s $Uper! Mercado– Haven’t heard of them? Unless I introduced you to them, you probably haven’t listened to a whole lot of songs from the 2 J crew. This is a Rap duo that has a full band to back them up, and the best I can say is that it is ‘Geek Rap’. You don’t see many bands singing songs about how there was a petition to remove planet status from Pluto. I Heard the single “Riot Nrrd” on the radio, and purchased the album, and then decided I needed subwoofers in my car. I just love to crank this one up, and is about the closest I will get to buying in the Rap genre at the local big box store.

Flogging Molly Drunken Lullabies– No better a combination than Irish swagger and punk intentions. A modern mix of some fiddling, acordian, and guitar. Fun music, and great to go out and drive to.

The Crystal Method Vegas– One of the more perfect dance/techno albums out there. Another driving album for me, I actually have one of the songs playing as I write this post. Just another album in which every single song is good.

Indigo Girls 1200 Curfews (Live)– I picked this album (well a 2 cd album) because it actually contains pretty much my favorite songs by the Indigo Girls, and being live is just a bonus. I listened to the the girls when I was in High School, mainly because I loved the harmony that they produced, I found it great to sing to. I have always had an affinity for singing, so many of my favorite artists are ones that I can sing along to. I also got to see the Indigo Girls live a couple of times, and those songs on the album will pretty much bring me back to the concerts.

Last album bought?

Well we just picked up the new Nine Inch Nails album With Teeth, and have that in the rotation. We also have the new Dave Mathews Band album Stand Up, but being a long time Dave Fan, I am really not as happy with this album, it sounds so very produced, not a lot of soul to the songs. I really like the old stuff (I would have added Under the Table and Dreaming if I had room to my 5 album list), and even Dave’s solo album, but pretty dissapointed in the newest one.

I am going to go out and pick up the new System of a Down album Mezmerize, if only for the song “BYOB”, but click the link (if you have iTunes), and also listen to the sample of “Cigaro”, “Radio/Video”, and “Old School Hollywood”. I think I have just inspired myself to get this today. It is just fairly different than what you have been hearing on the radio, it appeals to me.

Recent discoveries?

Well System of a Down is one, the newest of the Slipknot albums (much more melodic than I thought it would be). Coheed and Cambria especially the song A Favor House Atlantic (and yes it is a guy singing, Kat and I had a debate the first time we heard it on the radio). Authority Zero, I have to respect any band that will cover Mexican Radio well.

I know I have more, but I think I just downloaded more than my brain wanted to anyway.

Passing the baton:


3 thoughts on “Passing the Musical Clu-Stik

  1. Yeah, picked up that System of a Down CD, every bit as good as I thought it was going to be. Ripping it to the collection as we speak.

  2. Cool. 🙂 I knew about some of this (we’ve talked a little bit before about musical tastes), but it’s interesting to see more.

    I think Amy agrees with you on the recent Dave Matthews stuff. She’s a big fan of his older material.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about being drawn to songs that are fun to sing along with. The extreme example is me warbling along in my head voice with Gunnar and Matthew when I listen to “Love and Affection.” 🙂 I so wish I could find some people around here who need a backup singer for a part-time for-fun band. We wouldn’t even have to have any gigs. I’ve thought about trying out for one of the local choirs, but I’m not certain I’m in the right place right now to make that kind of time commitment.

    I’m also with you on the NPR stuff. That’s what I’m usually listening to on the way to and from work. I’m utterly disgusted with network news (especially the local stuff… “Did you know that something in your house might be killing your kids right now? We’ll tell you more at 10.”)

    Side note: “Nightswimming” was also on that mix tape that Amy made for me.

  3. Well, you asked for it. It is now available for reading. Have mercy on your soul.

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