the diet, day four: the fiber overfloweth

Day Four
Breakfast – Fruit Salad (apples, pears, watermelon, strawberries and plums)
Lunch – Veggie only salad with oil and vinegar (and salt to add taste)
Dinner – Grilled asparagus, zucchini, broccoli and corn
Water: ~106 oz.

As I’m sure you’ve already keenly observed, there was not a shred of meat in our diet today. No sirree. Today was the day of eating like a rabbit for 24 hours. I am here to say that I am appreciative of the place I reside in the food chain. I’m not saying being a vegetarian is bad. Vegetarians still eat things like protein (soy beans, yum!) and pasta. No, we truly ate like rabbits today. I will certainly admit that I love vegetables. Yes, mom, you heard me say that. I love vegetables. After today, though, I’m ready to not touch one for a little while.

Hardest part of the day… well, there were two really. The first was the sitting with my coworkers for lunch and having my mouth water over the ribeye steak sandwiches that most people got for lunch. Realistically, I know that the steak was tough and way overcooked for my liking, but in my mind today, it looked like a medium-rare cut of filet mignon. I miss beef. Chalk that up to something else I’m going to relish eating after this diet. The second hard part of the day was not getting a snack. My snack usually breaks up my afternoon nicely. In my mind, I know when it’s time to eat my snack that my afternoon is half over and in only a couple more hours my work day is done. It’s a nice afternoon boost if I’ve been sitting in front of my computer all day.

The water, although it still runs through my system like a pretty steady stream, is starting to become a natural part of my day. I instinctively reach for it at work (although there’s still my morning cup of coffee to start me off). I grab a bottle of water out of the fridge when I’m sitting around in the evenings. This diet has definitely gotten me down the path of keeping myself hydrated without thinking about it too much.

I walked 40 minutes tonight. It was only supposed to be 30 minutes, but I lost track of time. Our neighborhood has turned into a great walking track. Tonight, I took the outside ring of roads. Saturday and Sunday, I’ll likely take a switchback path through parts of the neighborhood. My iPod kept me company on the walk. Carbon Leaf has proven to be excellent walking music (good, pretty constant pace).

Tomorrow will be interesting because I get to see what only eating fruits and vegetables for a day has done to my digestive system. It hasn’t complained too much today, but the night is young and there’s still tomorrow. Back in the diet for tomorrow is eggs. Oh, eggs, how I love thee. At least, until I get tired of you, too, and then I’ll be ready to swear off eggs like I’m ready to with veggies. I also get to see tomorrow if any more weight has been shed. I’m silently, desperately praying that I have, while at the same time bracing myself if I haven’t. Mid-way point is only a little more than a day away…

the diet, day three: still drinking water

Day Three
Weight: 181.3
Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs with roasted asparagus and tomatoes
Lunch – Plain Oatmeal with golden raisins
Snack – Mixed nuts (with some pumpkin seeds mixed in)
Dinner – “Delicious” Egg Omelette with sausage, bell peppers and onion
Water: ~110 oz.

I couldn’t believe my eyes this afternoon when I stepped on the digital scale at the gym. 181.3. 2.2 pounds less than I weighed two days ago. I’m still not entirely sure I believe it, but I’ve actually managed to lose weight. We’ll see if this trend continues, but needless to say, it’s given me the energy and motivation to keep trying.

Hard part of the day. I’m noticing that there’s always one of these when you’re on a diet. The hard part of today was smelling Chinese food that a coworker brought to an inspection. He sat right down next to me, opened the container and the smell just wafted in my direction. It wasn’t being biased. It just happened to be the flow of air in the room. Either way, my mouth started to water and I knew I had to get away from that smell and quickly. Instead of ditching out on the inspection entirely (I don’t think the moderator would have been terribly amused at my excuse of, “I was about to gorge myself upon my coworker’s Chinese, so I decided to leave.” Instead, I swapped seats with another coworker sitting on the far other side of the table. It still looked good, but at least the food smell was far enough away to not be overly tempting.

The sheer volume of water that I’m consuming is getting easier. I think my bladder is actually getting bigger because I didn’t go to the bathroom as often today. It’s not like I’m counting or anything, but it just felt like I was at my desk more today. The increase in water today was a direct result from me being really thirsty while swimming. I consumed almost 32 oz. just during swimming today. Like I said, I was thirsty.

No hunger pains today. My portions are once more resuming their smaller size. Two eggs in my omelette tonight, instead of three (I didn’t eat all three last night, but I sure as hell tried). The same with breakfast. The oatmeal for lunch held me easily through my snack (I only ate a few nuts) and through my workout. After swimming, we ran by Sam’s Club to stock up on sodas and snacks for the Soda Fund at work. My evil plan is slowly working. While I lose weight, I fatten up my coworkers and soon, I will be able to take over the world! Um, well, maybe not, but I’m the one with the Sam’s Club membership at work, so that means I’m the benevolent soul who brings all of the stuff in, even if I’m not going to be partaking for another 8 days.

Once more, no cheating today. It was tempting, though, tonight to eat some of the fruit that we were cutting up for breakfast tomorrow. Tomorrow’s going to be interesting. We only eat fruits and vegetables for the day. No snack, just breakfast, lunch and dinner. This isn’t too much of a hardship, since both Sean and I eat lots of different veggies, but I will admit that I’m going to miss eating even just a little bit of meat.

the diet, day two: learning the tiles of the bathroom

Day Two
Breakfast – Banana Milk Shake with a bit of peanut butter
Lunch – Chicken with Pasta and Spaghetti Sauce
Snack – Cottage Cheese
Dinner – “Delicious” Egg Omelette with ham and bell peppers
Water: ~85 oz.

I’m beginning to memorize the tile patterns in the bathroom’s floor at work. I am constantly having to go to the bathroom. Normally, I drink between 32 – 40 oz. of water every day. I am currently doubling that amount in order to follow this diet and my bladder is definitely taking note. I was a little better today about distributing my water intake throughout the day. I tried not to guzzle water, but instead just to drink a steady stream. It seems to help a little, but I’m still memorizing the tile on the bathroom floor. Maybe I need to convince HR to put interesting things on the stall walls. Or better yet, books in each stall. That way, I can read the great American novel by the time I’ve gone through a cycle of this diet.

Two big concepts with this diet is that you can eat as much of the food as you want, but that you have to eat it slowly. What used to take me 15 minutes to gulp down at work, I’m now stretching out to 30 minutes. It helps that today I ate in front of my computer, instead of actually taking a break from work. The eating slow thing is the hardest for Sean to accomplish. He’s used to inhaling his food. I’m noticing a concentrated effort to eat slower, but I know that it’s particularly hard for him to keep in mind, especially when you’re hungry.

I didn’t wake up hungry this morning. That surprised me. I really didn’t think that just eating chicken would hold me over, but it did. I got a little hungry before lunch, but then again, I usually do. It doesn’t help that I eat breakfast at 6am and then don’t eat lunch until 11am. Other than that, I haven’t really been hungry today. The only problem with that was that it made it hard to tell when to stop eating dinner tonight. I most likely overate a little bit for dinner, but recognizing that, I’ll pay more attention to portion control for dinner tomorrow night.

Before this diet, I always felt that the hardest part of any diet that I tried was just trying to get through the first day. That was where I always failed with other diets or nutrition changes. With this one, the first day was actually relatively easy. Being told exactly what I would eat made it pretty easy to get through the day without being tempted too badly. The hard part came today when my coworkers ordered out for lunch and I couldn’t partake. The food smelled so good that I couldn’t even eat with them. Don’t get me wrong, the food I eat doesn’t taste like cardboard. Sean and I couldn’t abide any diet that forced that upon us. But, the take-out still smelled incredibly good, and it was particularly hard because this restaurant gives you free snickerdoodle cookies with your meal. Let me tell you, these are awesome snickerdoodles. The best I have ever had, hands down.

We made it, though. No cheating today. I’m even starting to get used to drinking Splenda in my coffee in the morning and only using skim milk as creamer for it. We’re about to go out for our 30 minute walk. We would have gone out earlier, but we were waiting for the sun to set more and for the temperature to calm down. After that, prep time for tomorrow and then I think I’ll be ready for bed.

the diet, day one

After having spent the first 6 months living in Phoenix putting on 10 pounds and the last 6 losing only 5, I have come to my limit. It doesn’t help that for the past several years my general physician kept nagging me to lose weight because of my tendency towards high blood pressure (thanks, dad).

I have finally decided to truly try dieting. This isn’t long term. The diet that I found is a 2-week cycle. That way, once you’ve lost the weight you wanted to lose, you stop dieting and merely eat more practically. Sean and I are going in on this together, since we figure each other’s support through participation is best and we could both stand to lose a few pounds.

So, for the next 11 days (it’s a 2-week cycle, but the last three days are a break time), I am going to write a daily post about this diet and how it affects me and, hopefully, my weight. Every few days, you might even get lucky enough to see me be willing to post my weight. So, here goes…

Day One:
Weight: 183.5
Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with green peppers and cheese
Lunch – Turkey breast sandwich with swiss cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce
Snack – Fruit salad with watermelon, strawberries, apple and pear
Dinner – Chicken breast
Water: ~90 oz.

A few commentaries on this diet first of all. Number one, the amount of water is going to kill me. Either that, or I’ll be able to swim to work by the end of this. I have gone to the bathroom today more times than I can possibly count. My coworkers must really have been wondering about whether or not I was sick with how many times I left that room today. Sean apparently didn’t fare too much better than I did, although I think he drank more water than I did, from the empty gallon bottle of water sitting in the car this afternoon.

We went and worked out at the gym today. The diet actually requires 30 minutes of exercise (non-weight bearing) every day. So, Monday, Wednesday and Friday we’ll swim. The rest of the time we’ll walk. This way it keeps it from becoming monotonous. The swimming felt very nice today, especially considering the temperature around here has happily settled in over 100 degrees now.

The hardest part for me today was sticking to the meal plan. In order to make this easier, Sean and I prepped everything we could last night so that there could be no excuses this morning when we were cranky and tired. Breakfast was great. It was the first hot weekday breakfast I’d had in a while. The scrambled eggs held me through until lunch and I wound up only needing to eat half of my sandwich before I was full. I got hungry, though, right in the middle of my inspection at 1pm today. I couldn’t eat my snack, though, until 2:30pm. The next hour and a half were just about pure agony. The sad part was, though, by the time I ate my fruit salad, I really wasn’t hungry anymore. Dinner was the same way. I was starving when we left the gym, but by the time we got home and fixed dinner, I wasn’t really hungry. I ate my chicken and I was pleasantly full. It’s almost like the diet is forcing me to condition my body and myself to not instinctively snack every time my body requests food. We’ll see how well this works.

One cool thing is that we’re allowed one glass of wine a day. It felt almost sinful drinking that wonderful syrah with our dinner tonight. The funny part was that one glass of wine made both Sean and me rather giggly. Heck, I’m still a little giggly from it.

We’ll see how well my body handles tomorrow’s meals. To be continued…

I am not in anyway telling people that they should go out and try this diet. If anything, I am hoping that after I have gone through one cycle of this diet, people will be able to see more of the reality of this particular diet. I strongly encourage anyone that is even remotely considering going on a diet to first consult their physician and then spend many hours and days going through all of the different options out there and only then make an informed decision on what would work best for them. If you are interested in reading more about the diet that I am on, go to: Diet Access

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