Cookin’ Across the Country

Now that we have the TiVo humming away in the living room, we are getting some of the suggestions that it records. The TiVo currently thinks we watch anything dealing with food, cartoons, and stand up comedy. While this is for the most part true, it means we get some strange suggestions.

But, we have stuck gold, we have a new cooking show to watch. And we both agree that it is up there with Good Eats, and we reallllly like that show (Kat’s stalking Alton Brown I think).

The show we catch now is called Cookin’ in Brooklyn. And it can be found on the discovery home network, nope, not the Food Network.

An irreverent sense of humor drives the show, and the food is incredible. If we ever get up that way, we are going to be making a stop at one of the host’s resturants.

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2 thoughts on “Cookin’ Across the Country

  1. Just wait until your Tivo thinks you’re either a stay-at-home mom (home shopping and oxygen channel) or a Republican (Fox News). We couldn’t figure those out.

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