Cookin’ Across the Country

Now that we have the TiVo humming away in the living room, we are getting some of the suggestions that it records. The TiVo currently thinks we watch anything dealing with food, cartoons, and stand up comedy. While this is for the most part true, it means we get some strange suggestions.

But, we have stuck gold, we have a new cooking show to watch. And we both agree that it is up there with Good Eats, and we reallllly like that show (Kat’s stalking Alton Brown I think).

The show we catch now is called Cookin’ in Brooklyn. And it can be found on the discovery home network, nope, not the Food Network.

An irreverent sense of humor drives the show, and the food is incredible. If we ever get up that way, we are going to be making a stop at one of the host’s resturants.

goings ons

Life in Arizona has been kinda quiet lately. Well, except for the screaming that came from terrorized boaters as Fred, Diane, Sean and I drove down Canyon Lake Road Saturday evening. So, Saturday morning dawned. Or at least, I’m assuming it did. I was still asleep. Saturday afternoon hit and I was finally awake. Expecting the day to be a quiet day at the house, I decided to slip up to work for a few hours and see if I could pound away any more on some scripts using the excruciating proprietary language called TOPL. I have no clue what it stands for because the documentation doesn’t even bother to tell you. In fact, the documentation sucks so much that everyone I talk to just tells me to learn how to write in the language based upon older scripts. Starting to understand why it sucks so much?

I digress.

I get into work and realize that, after going through the pains of opening the office, that the network is horked. Not just horked. Seriously horked. Clearcase (the file repository software we use) is non-existent. Somehow I managed to log on to my computer using my network-managed username, even though I had zip zero access to any of the network drives, which also includes my e-mail. Thankfully, the scripts I was working on were sitting in the My Documents folder, but that was rather limited help, since I needed files in Clearcase to figure out what I was doing. Right as I was contemplating gnawing on my keyboard in frustration, Sean called. Fred wanted to know if we would be interested in going out to Canyon Lake Road sometime today. I’d heard about this road. Not just from Fred. From all the people I know in this town that like to drive fast on curvy roads. Hmm… Could be fun. Sure, why not, but I had to at least try to get something done at work first. We agreed to meet at 5pm and drive out to the road from Fred and Diane’s house.

We met at 5 and headed out to the road shortly afterwards. For anyone who doesn’t know Sean and me very well, 1) how did you find this website?! and 2) we both live for driving fast and on curvy roads. It’s the reason I own my Miata. Canyon Lake Road is outside of town and descends into Black Canyon (go figure from the name) and eventually drops you down by one of the many lakes formed by one of the many dams out here (once more, go figure from the name). We get outside of town and finally turn off of the highway onto a smaller road (4-lanes). We drive for a little while and eventually turn onto yet another smaller road (2-lanes). Finally, we get into Tonto National Forest and the road at least gets hilly. Hrm… Possibilities, but I’m still not impressed. I start to creep up towards Fred and he waves me back to be patient. I was anything but. I wanted curves! All of a sudden, the road dropped out in front of us and I saw down into the canyon. More importantly, I saw the road that led down into the canyon. Fred gave me a thumbs up and hit the accelerator. I giggled maniacally, dropped into 4th and followed suit. After about 8 miles of rollercoaster hills, hairpin turns, blind corners and the like, we pulled off into a lookout on the side of the road. I was still giggling. That road was an absolute blast! And there was more!

After Sean was all nice and asked if he could drive, I handed him the keys, we snapped a couple pictures and headed off towards Tortilla Flats, which would be our turn around point. After several minutes of me remembering why I hated the passenger seat so much and a few white knuckles, we made it to Tortilla Flats. There was nothing but a small tourist trap “mining town”. Right. Back to the road. We headed back up out of the canyon, stopping a couple times to let the trucks with boat trailers that were also headed out of the canyon to get far enough ahead of us that we could still have fun. After only one hair-raising moment when we passed a Sheriff’s SUV, (Notice I specified an SUV. There is no way in h – e – double hockey sticks that even if he’d wanted to, he could have caught up with us coming out of that canyon) we came back out of the canyon, much lighter hearted and not really caring what the rest of the weekend had in store, because that had just been all worth it.

Now to find some more roads like that around here. I hear there’s a good one up in the north east corner of the state that’s 37 miles long. Hehehehe…