Joining the Borg (bought a TiVo)

Yep, after talk of building a box for so long, Kat and I finally just went out and bought a 40 hour box. What made us come to this decision? Well the fact that I was playing around on this morning, and found a great deal available from Circuit City.

The 40 Hour recorder (series 2) is listed for $199, with a mail in rebate from circuit city for $100 bucks.

But even better is the fact that with an activation, TiVo has another $100 mail in rebate.

So after rebates our cost was tax. Not too shabby. We did have to purchase a wireless USB attachment for the thing because we don’t have a phone line in the house, so I get to go next door and set it up, and then bring it back over here to hook it up to the network. If I has a USB to ethernet adaptor I could do it here, but I don’t feel like spending the money and then returning it.

Nice thing about this TiVo box is that it already has drive brackets inside to add another hard drive, and from what it says on the message boards, pretty painlessly too.

For those of you out there that have a TiVo already, I do have one other piece of information you might want, evidently TiVo is getting pretty aggressive against all the new PVRs comming out. So if you call and speak with a cancellation rep (not just a customer service rep), and tell them that you are looking to switch over to another company because of the cost difference, chances are they will offer you a $6.95 a month deal for that TiVo Box. Since we are about to activate ours, i am going to wait a couple of months before trying this, but you long term users might want to take advantage of it.


mucus mama

“I didn’t know I was capable of producing the amount of snot that I’ve produced in the past week. It’s absolutely amazing.”

“I can’t believe we’re actually talking about this.”

“No, seriously. Have you seen the amount of mucus that’s come out of me this week?!”

“That’s you. You’re my little mucus mama.”

“Thanks hon. Just what I’ve always wanted to be called, a mucus mama.”

This is what I get for going from viral infection to sinus infection and the resulting aftermath of my brain oozing out of my nose for the next several days. I get to become my husband’s mucus mama.

On a brighter note, I went back to work yesterday. Not too bad. I had to wrap up a presentation that I’m giving to our customers on Monday. Two reports had to be inspected and fixed today. I had to inspect some requirements and actually attend the inspection today as well. Oh yeah, our older box broke and they’re trying to figure out what happened (most likely software related) so I’m keeping my pager near me this weekend in anticipation of getting a page. The usual assortment of small things that come up on a day to day basis. I’m starting to put together a list of projects for our two interns to work on when they start in May. Ah, yes, then there’s the actual work I’m supposed to be doing to stay on schedule for the current box that’s in development. Remind me again why I wanted to go back to that madhouse?

This weekend will be a quiet one. No plans, other than that kitty litter and cat food have to be acquired at some point. That means lots of rest, a bit of sunshine and a whole lotta sewing are going to be happening this weekend.

(semi-)sick log: day 4

I have downgraded myself to semi-sick today. Why you might ask? Because I knew yesterday that I was human again when the fact that my legs had not been shaved for 3 days was bugging the #$&! out of me. The only reason I’m still home today is because I slept horribly last night and decided that rest was better than killing myself over a day’s worth of work. Work will come home with me this weekend and will get done. No need to kill myself over it.

Ways to know you’ve been sick at home for too long:
1. Your cat has added you as a nap spot in her daily routine.
2. You begin to wonder what the daily specials in your office’s cafeteria are.
3. You’ve actually caught up on that pile of magazines that you’ve been meaning to read through for months now.
4. A ride around the corner (quite literally) to the grocery store has you all excited and wondering what you should wear for the special occasion (pajama pants were deemed too casual).

Upon e-mailing my boss this morning (I have almost no voice, so voicemail was out of the question) to inform him that I would once more not be in to work, I actually wrote that I would rather be stuck in the office for several days straight at this point than be stuck in this house for another day. Come hell or high water, I’m going in to work tomorrow.

sick log: day 3

Last night ended in a trip to an Urgent Care center. We couldn’t get in to see Sean’s doctor (I don’t have one yet out here) and we were both hesitant to hit up an actual hospital, knowing how bad the waits can get there. Thankfully, Urgent Care facilities are covered by my insurance. The reason for this trip?
A sustained fever between 99 – 101^ for over 36 hours. I know that fevers are the body’s way of burning out ickies, but I didn’t think it should take 36 hours to burn out the ickies. The result was a 2 hour visit to the Ahwahtukee Urgent Care Facility, 15 minutes drive from our home.

The doctor diagnosed me with a viral infection that has spread into a sinus infection. I am now on three different drugs (Amoxicillin, Robitussin w/ Codeine and prescription strength Sudafed) plus Tylenol for my fever. All my drugs sit downstairs on the kitchen counter with sticky notes in front of them indicating when I should take each one again. Yes, I know that’s sad, but when they all have different doses at different times, I can’t keep it all straight.

Upon getting home around 1:00am this morning, I quickly sent an e-mail to my boss informing him that there was no way, unless a miracle occurred, that I was going to be in to work in the morning. I figured the time stamp would stress the issue. Miracle did not occur. Thus, day 3 in the sick log. Cabin fever is about to drive me nuts. *twitch*

sick sucks

Being sick sucks. I’ve managed to be a healthy woman for over a year now, only occasionally getting a cold or just taking a mental health day for my own sanity. My reward? Getting knocked on my butt with the flu and taking Sean with me. Sunday morning I woke up with a handy fever of 101^. Me being the persistent one, I dosed it with Tylenol and Gatorade in the hopes that it would go down. As the day progressed, all of the other wonderful symptoms of the flu set in, body aches, no appetite, cough, etc. This morning, my temperature was down, but I still had a fever. To top it off, Sean had a fever, too, so we both stayed home from work today in the hopes of getting ourselves better while not getting anyone else sick.

Being sick sucks. Daytime TV leaves oh so much to be desired. I’d call friends, but my voice drops in and out. Yesterday wasn’t too bad because it forced me to take the day of rest that I’ve been needing. Now, I just feel lazy, even though I know I wouldn’t make it through a day of work. Hrm… This is going to wreak havoc on my work schedule. I’ve still got a presentation to finish for next Monday and I’m starting to slip a little bit on my schedule for testing. *sigh* Oh well. Can’t think of that now. I just have to worry about getting Sean and me better and then I’ll deal with work. This would be the one weekend lately that I’ve managed to not bring work home with me. Silly me. Time to dose myself with more flu medicine and Gatorade.