mother nature’s beauty

Since moving to Arizona, I have developed a greater appreciation of the beauty that Mother Nature creates for us every day. I appreciate the lush greenery in my home state of Alabama more because I don’t have it around me every day anymore. Granted, this spring in Arizona has been an exception to that statement. Everything is green here right now, even the desert. Beyond that, though, I appreciate sunrises and sunsets more because they’re absolutely striking against the mountains around us. The colors are different every day. So are the strokes that she uses to to paint those colors across the sky. My only request to Mother Nature, though, is that could she manage to reschedule sunrises for a bit later in the morning so I don’t feel so disgruntled by them on weekends when I’m driving into work. I mean, this morning was beautiful at 5:30 am with the sunrise, but dangit if I didn’t hate that sun today.

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  1. Well, I think that the former really sets up the latter … after all, y’all picked out the house west of where you work.

    Of course, I’m about to make that same mistake. :sigh:

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