photo goodness

To prove that Sean and I really have been doing things lately, here are some pictures to go along with some of our activities.

In January, we went on a photo hike along South Mountain. The interesting part about South Mountain is that it’s right in the middle of Phoenix, so when you look down, you can see all of the metro area. There are also a lot of trails along the top of the mountain, so no end of places to go.

Also in January, we headed to opening weekend of the Arizona Renaissance Faire. We saw the ever popular mud men dance around and make fools of themselves as well as participating audience members. My personal favorite part of the Faire for me, though, was when Sean got to dance around in his kilt with the band Tartanic.

When February rolled around, Heather and Andy came to visit for a long weekend. As a result of having the dualing digital cameras, many pictures were taken along the route to Sedona and Flagstaff. Much fun was had by all.

I’m still working on sorting through more pictures. I also, of course, still have pictures from Christmas to go through. More will come along shortly.

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