joys of the desert

Back in December and early January, the Phoenix area (and north of us) got a lot of rain. Granted, this is our wet season, so we should be getting rain. This, though, was much more than Phoenix apparently gets on a normal basis. It was enough that dams upriver from us had to increase their flows, which trickled down to us enough that the Salt River, which does not normally flow anymore, flowed.

This, normally, wouldn’t cause a lot of issues, but now Phoenix is apparently experiencing problems with our water treatment plants. There has been a high increase in the particulates in the water that have to be filtered out to meet federal regulation standards.

As of Monday night, apparently not all water was meeting these standards. Most of the cities quickly converted their water supply to underground storage that we also have, so we weren’t too effected, but there has still been a warning put out to boil our water for 5 minutes before drinking it. One of the many interesting days Sean and I get to have living in the desert. Juice anyone?

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