fashion note

You know that you work with a big bunch of geeks when you’re sitting in a meeting and notice that one of the guys sitting next to you is wearing a gray shirt, gray pants, blue socks and black shoes. Can someone please point out the part of this outfit that does not match with the rest?!

7 thoughts on “fashion note

  1. Are we talking UAH blue or navy blue? Either way, the socks scream wrongness to me, unless the grays were way outta kilter with each other.

  2. Andy, I think it’s the pants that should be plaid. I’ve seen enough “What Not To Wear” to know that plaid pants are always a hit.

  3. Aha. That is correct. And with plaid pants, you simply must wear a paisley shirt. That must be what is wrong with the ensemble…

  4. Maybe said person is color blind and the socks look black to him;. I mean I wouldn’t know anyone else that has that type of problem.

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