not much going on

There’s a reason neither Sean nor I have been posting much lately. There’s truly nothing much going on out here.

Work has been speeding up a lot since the new year, so after spending all day in front of two monitors, I really don’t want to spend any time in the evening in front of a third. It’s official that I will never get away from my past as an analyst/tester. This week, my boss informed me that I have been moved from being a lowly software engineer on our project to being software test lead. This means, I get to deal with all of the lovely documentation involved in organizing/planning/executing the test phase of our development so that nothing goes wrong once our software is up in the vacuum of space. I’m actually glad I got the job rather than someone else on my team because no one else really likes testing (actually, out right dislikes testing is more like it) and as a result I don’t think they would do as good of a job of it. It just means that this next week will likely be my last week of touching code for a while and I have to admit that I’ll miss it.

Sean is still watering plants. I would say more about this, but what else is there to say? He’s not killing them. There. That’s something to say. Oh yeah, he’s still enjoying his job. That’s something else to say. He’s also still playing City of Heroes, so evenings around the house are rather quiet, except for the chatter over his headphones.

Since the beginning of the year, Sean and I have started to go to the gym together. We figure if one of us is going, then it’s incentive for the other to go (especially since we carpool into work together). Three days a week. I’m actually really enjoying it, because I get a chance to swim. The best part is that our gym has a heated outdoor pool, so I’ve been swimming outdoors. As part of our routine of going to the gym, we’re also trying to do an outing on the weekends that keeps us active. This gives us the excuse to see more of Phoenix that we had started to slack off on.

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t nothing. That’s something. So, there, I’m posting about it. You no longer have to feel left out in the dark about what we’re doing out here.

Oh yeah, and one of these days I will eventually get all of the photos I took over Christmas posted. I swear. My goal is to get them posted by the end of this month. We’ll see if that happens.