merry christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone today. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then well, it’s Christmas, so merry whatever on whatever appropriate day for it. Hope you get to spend time with your loved ones today.

a moment of bragging

One of my coworkers graduated from ASU this week. He invited our team, as well as friends and family to a graduation party. Outside. We sat outside today at a place called the Monastery. It’s got sand volleyball courts and other outdoor entertainment, as well as some indoor stuff, but we sat outside today. One of my coworkers even complained because it wasn’t cooler today. Our high for the day was 72 degrees and it’s supposed to stay the same tomorrow. It almost feels sinful to bask in warmth in a t-shirt the week before Christmas, but there it is.

summary of a sleep-deprived week

After spending the past week in mostly a sleep-deprived haze, here’s a summary of my thoughts:

– Spending only two days on 2nd shift, which is 2 – 10 (or sometimes around midnight)pm, is just about the worst thing I can do to my body, especially when I have to go back to first shift (7am – 4pm) the very next day. This is the whole reason I’m sleep-deprived right now and have been for 3 straight days.

– After working until ~11pm for two nights, when you get home, your body is not ready to go to sleep at a decent hour. Yeah, so this may be a “duh” thing for most people who’ve had sleep recently, but this was a shock to me when I tried to go to sleep at 8pm on Wednesday and my body wouldn’t let me sleep until almost 11:30pm.

– Sugar Free Red Bull and regular Red Bull is my god right now. That stuff kept my head at least up if not completely alert during work this week.

– I will never again schedule two design inspections (software) on the same week in which the before mentioned sleep-deprivation occurs.

– It’s amazing how much work I can do in a week and not remember one minute of it the second I leave work. Heck, for that matter, I can’t remember it 5 minutes later. Thankfully, I didn’t touch code all week.

– The weekend is the most wonderful thing in the world at this exact moment, although the Guiness I had a few hours ago was also very nice (and the couple sips of various whiskeys that I got).


flagstaff pictures

I finally had a chance to sort through my pictures from the family trip (Sean, myself and my parents) up to Flagstaff and Sedona the weekend after Thanksgiving. Although the weather was cold, the sky was gorgeous and we got to see snow in Flagstaff, which was cool. I’m very happy with all of these shots, especially now that I’m getting more comfortable using my camera.

a long strange week ahead

I have a long strange week ahead of me. Monday and Tuesday, I am going to be working second shift (2 – 10pm) to help a couple of my coworkers out with testing on hardware. The only way for us to do testing on the hardware is to nab it while it’s not needed by our hardware engineers. Wednesday, I will hopefully be having the first of 2 days worth of software design inspections. Thursday will hopefully be the second of those 2 days. I say hopefully because we’ve had to push this inspection off for a couple weeks now because of higher priority problems coming down the line. And yes, you read that right. That’s two days (2 hours at a time) of software inspection. This is seriously going to suck. Friday will just be a day of trying to survive until the weekend. Oi. Thank $deity for weekends.