out of the dark

Things have been anything but quiet lately in our house. Between the clanging of pots and pans during the preparation of our Thanksgiving dinner, there was also the buzzing and whirring of saws and drills in our ceiling and walls. Yes, you heard that right, and yes, I know we’ve owned this house for only a few months and isn’t it a little early to be tearing apart a brand new home? Well, we never really liked the lighting in our kitchen. It was three really hot track lights that never seemed to be lighting up the right part of the kitchen.

My parents came and visited this past week. When parents come around here, projects always get done. This time, it was replacing and adding light to our rather dark kitchen. After a couple days of work and several patched holes in the wall and ceiling, our kitchen now has a spiral track of lighting on the ceiling, pendant lights over the breakfast bar and spot lights under the cabinets. I finally have light in my kitchen. It’s become more of a pleasure to cook in my kitchen now that I can actually see the recipe and the food I’m fixing.

The rest of the weekend consisted of an insane shopping trip on Black Friday (I had to go because I was my mom’s chaufeur for the week) and a trip to snowy northern Arizona. Sean has already posted his pictures. I’ll post mine some time later this week.

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  1. AWESOME! I’m sure that this makes working in there a lot easier and less frustrating. Lighting design for kitchens is probably the one thing most general contractors suck the most at. 🙂

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