Thanks for the Genetics

One may think, it’s 3:00, and Sean is posting. And if you didn’t think that, go back and read the first sentence. I’ll wait.

OK, the reason for Sean posting at 3:00PM on a workday? Genetics.

Kat and I had to take seperate cars to work today (she is jealous of my hair, and now is going to go get hers colored and cut) so I drive up to work, a good drive, with less traffic than normal, and arrive at work. I get out of the car and feel a bit of a twinge in my lower back.

Well I carry around a 2 gallor water bucket in each hand everyday, a bit of a ache is nothing. But as I start to walk towards the office, it gets worse, and worse, and I am shuffling like an old man (complete with a grimace on my face).

Great, I am at work, and immobile, and it’s 7:00 AM. Doctors don’t like to get to work that early, so I wait. I do eventually go to the doctor, and he diagnoses a sprain in my lower back. I get to go get x-rays done to confirm this, and look for any other problems, and perscriptions for muscle relaxors, pain medication, and motrin of doom.

Why genetics you may ask? My mother happens to have problems with her back, and my sister (a sibling is possibly the best indicator as to what you might get) has had a herniated disk in her back and had surgery to remedy that.

So the reason I am here at home is simple genetics.

And the reason for the wandering post are perscription medications.

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4 thoughts on “Thanks for the Genetics

  1. Just ignore everything he says–he will never remember it in the morning! Guess you got “cute” from genetics too. Enjoy your new sofa while recovering.

  2. Geof – Actually nobody. I had, thankfully, already had a hair appointment yesterday afternoon, so I had taken in my own car yesterday. Lucky me. 🙂

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