it’s all gone

It’s gone. It only really took about 20 minutes. It was there, and then 20 minutes later it wasn’t. I had gotten so tired of Sean going back and forth on the whole subject. Finally, while we were walking around last Thursday night, the topic came up again and I just said, “Look, we’ve got the time, either go ahead with it or you don’t have any more excuses.” He did it. Now, it’s all gone. I have no more words, just visual evidence of what’s no longer there.

What’s no longer there.

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11 thoughts on “it’s all gone

  1. Dude, whoa! See, like, I thought this was totally going to be about Kat getting short hair.

    I bet you had enough long hair to donate it, didn’t you?

  2. That looks great!
    And wow that’s a lot of hair! Mine’s inching toward my shoulders and I think it’s already time to get another cut!

  3. Wow! I’d forgotten Sean’s hair was that long! I’m about ready to chop mine off and send it down to Locks of Love. You can always grow it back out 😀

  4. Hmmm … Sean with no hair. Interesting prospect. If you ever do it, this is the time of the year, when there’s less sun to burn your head.

  5. It was not quite long enough for locks of love, so kat gets to have a keepsake.

    So far i like it, it means i can sleep in about 10 more minutes, and at 5:30AM, it makes a difference.

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