to mine on our first

We met four years ago. It was at DragonCon. How many couples do you know that actually have met at a science-fiction convention? It was terribly geeky, I know, but kind of sweet. We were both volunteering in the technical operations group. He had been volunteering for several years and it was my first. He was the cute blonde guy sitting in the room, laughing with everyone else. I was the one trying to keep up with everyone else. We were both dating at the time, so we just talked and exchanged e-mails and promised to keep in touch.
Several months later, after both breaking off long-term, but not working out relationships, we were tossing e-mails back and forth. My roommates (the original Geek-Chicks), at the time, and I were throwing a Labor Day weekend party and another friend was coming in from out of town. I invited him to come over from Atlanta and hang out for the weekend. He came over and we had a great time. He even stuck around for an extra day, calling in “sick” to work. Two weeks later, I found myself agreeing to date him even after making a solemn vow about not dating for a while after my last break-up. If he ever wants something, he can usually find a way to coax an agreement out of me, given enough time and the right incentive for me.
Fast forward a little over 2 years later. Christmas Eve, 2002. A proposal follows me opening 24 ring boxes littered under his family’s Christmas tree. It’s all on tape somewhere. Quite cute, even though I was really sick of ring boxes after that. We moved in together. 6 months after that, we bought a house together.
Fast forward a short while later. September 27, 2003. We both exchanged vows in a small, white pavilion in Roswell, GA, in a wonderful, if slightly stormy, wedding and handfasting ceremony. The company, our friends and family were wonderful. Everyone had a great time.
Fast forward once more. September 27, 2004. Today. It’s been a year now, since we made our vows. They hold true just as strongly today as they did one year ago. Even through the arguments and disagreements we have, I love spending every day with him. He is a constant reminder to me that there really are good things in the world worth fighting for. I love you very much, Sean. Happy First Anniversary!

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13 thoughts on “to mine on our first

  1. Happy First Anniversary. You are so eloquent in your writing of your adventure together. Our wish for you is that the next 99 years will be as fun as the first.

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  3. I am happy to have been there when you two first met, and glad to watch the two of you move towards sharing a life together. Have fun sharing life & love in the land of dry heat.

  4. Congratulations! Looking forward to congratulating you on your fifth, tenth, fifteenth and all the rest!

  5. Oh yes. The thunder was PRICELESS. The weather gods were definitely in attendance. 🙂

    Congratulations, guys. First year’s usually the most eventful, and then (thankfully) it calms down from there.

    At least, that’s how it was for us.

  6. Thanks guys for all of the well-wishes! Our anniversary (which we really celebrated the weekend before, but that’s besides the point) was wonderful. I have a feel that our next few years together will be just as eventful and interesting as this past one is, because, well, I don’t think Sean and I can ever do anything uneventfully. 🙂

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