mouse hell

I am a creature of habit when it comes to my computer. I have my set peripherals and I use them until I kill them (read: keys quit working on my keyboard, mouse ball is a goo of rubber, etc.). It took having to use Sean’s natural keyboard for a while before I finally broke down and bought one. I haven’t looked back since. It’s the only type of keyboard that I like to type on, with the exception of my laptop.

This week, I managed to injure my wrist. The nurse at our company’s Health Resources says that it’s because I’ve been putting particular, unnecessary stress on my right wrist lately. Either way, the verdict was to keep the wrist wrapped until I could rotate it fully again without pain… and to get rid of my mouse at work. My company is big into ergonomics. We have a full department that makes sure that our work environment is as non-stressful to our bodies as possible. We even have to go through training when we start work here for ergonomics.

I love my mouse. I’ve always felt most comfortable using a mouse when moving the cursor around the screen. Yesterday, though, the mouse was replaced. Now, I have a trackball in its place. I hesitated at first to use it. I can actually navigate around WinXP (specifically Visual Studio .NET) incredibly well without a mouse. Finally, though, I had to start using it, while I was doing some form design. The dreaded trackball. Something new I had to get used to. I tried it. I moved the trackball around with two of my fingers and the cursor glided smoothly across the screen and came to a very efficient stop exactly where I wanted it to. The best part? I didn’t have to move my wrist at all. Five minutes later, I didn’t know how I had survived without a trackball before. How marvelously easy it was for me to do finite work with this thing! I didn’t have to use the keyboard to cautiously move elements of a form around! I’m addicted. Admittedly, I miss the scroll wheel off of my old mouse, but I think I can program that into this trackball somewhere. Oh the possibilities with this marvelous invention!

Hrm… Maybe I’ll even get one for my laptop…. How much more efficient I could be in Photoshop with a trackball!

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  1. I used to have a trackball, and I loved it dearly. I haven’t used one in a while for various reasons.

    I should get another.

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