the day it rained

Yesterday morning, Sean and I woke up early so that we could go autocrossing. Thankfully, the fall series (yesterday was the first of the series) starts later in the morning than the summer series did. We started racing about 9am and we were done and on our way to lunch around 11am. More on autocrossing later, though. We went and had a very tasty lunch at a restaurant called El Paso Barbecue. Tasty food ensued. Sean had the smoked chicken and the St. Louis style ribs. I had the pulled pork and baby back ribs. Delicious on both sides.

After coming home, we went through our usual weekend routines. Bills got paid, laundry was rotated through, newspaper was flipped through, etc. After having my monthly talk with T-Mobile’s customer service (yes, they got my bill screwed up again), I finished up with the rest of the bills, filled out a few other things to get in the mail (for all IEEE members reading this, don’t forget to cast your ballots) and finally sat down to watch Gosford Park. We just bought it since we found it at Best Buy for $10. Can’t beat that. I was sitting on the floor, watching Gosford Park and flipping idly through newspaper ads when it happened.

At first, it was quiet. I barely even registered it audibly. Then, it got noisier and started to smack against the window. I paused the movie and just listened. Sure enough, it was raining outside. No dust storm had preceded it (we’re actually officially out of monsoon season), it wasn’t a great, powerful, windy storm. It was just raining. I opened the front door and was hit with the wonderful aroma of fresh rain and the desert. I swear rain never smelled so good back in Alabama. I just stood there and watched it for a while. It was so pretty watching everything soak up the rain as fast as it could.

It rained for a good 20-30 minutes. Then, as soon as it came, it was gone. I could still smell it, though, for the longest time. It was so nice. This morning, driving into work, I noticed the desert had bloomed overnight. There was green shooting up from everywhere. All the plants are out and growing while they still can. Absolutely beautiful.

5 thoughts on “the day it rained

  1. Having spent a large amount of time in the desert myself I know exactly what you’re talking about. I love the smell of the desert on a cool morning when the dew is on the plants. And when it rains it’s beautiful.

  2. We are in the pathway of Hurricane Ivan.The prediction is more rain for Atlanta on Thursday or Friday. We got four and a half inches of rain last week from H. Francis. It just smells wet here!

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