The past couple of days have been a slow recovery for me. This year, Dragon*Con wasn’t nearly as draining on my system as it has been in years past (last year, for example, where I decided that going to Con and then getting married 3 weeks later was a fantastic idea). I still came home sleep-deprived.

Wednesday was a nightmare. I barely dragged myself through the day. All code written on Wednesday was immediately erased and rewritten on Thursday. Caffeine intake consisted of Large Starbucks coffee, 20 oz. Cherry Coke at lunch and a 12 oz. Mountain Dew in the afternoon.

This morning was a little easier to wake up to. I started working out again, so the bike ride helped a bit with waking me up. I made it through the day with one small Starbucks coffee and a 20 oz. Mountain Dew. Tomorrow (Friday) morning, I have to stick around the house in the morning so that some repairmen can come out and fix a couple problems we found with the house. Nothing serious. Just some warranty repairs. I’m shooting for a cup of coffee in the morning and maybe a soda at Brent’s during poker night. We’ll see. Depends on how much sleep I get. Speaking of which, it’s almost 10pm. Time for sleep.

ps. For all of you guys that I got to see at Dragon*Con this year, it was really great seeing you! For those of you who I didn’t get to see, I miss you guys! If you’re going to be around the Atlanta or Huntsville area at Christmas, Sean and I’ll be in town then, so we’ll be visiting a metric assload of friends and family at that point in time.

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  1. Hey, Starbuck’s doesn’t do “small, medium, and large.” It’s “Tall, Grande, and Venti!” 😉
    Hope you catch up on your sleep soon!

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