to mine on our first

We met four years ago. It was at DragonCon. How many couples do you know that actually have met at a science-fiction convention? It was terribly geeky, I know, but kind of sweet. We were both volunteering in the technical operations group. He had been volunteering for several years and it was my first. He was the cute blonde guy sitting in the room, laughing with everyone else. I was the one trying to keep up with everyone else. We were both dating at the time, so we just talked and exchanged e-mails and promised to keep in touch.
Several months later, after both breaking off long-term, but not working out relationships, we were tossing e-mails back and forth. My roommates (the original Geek-Chicks), at the time, and I were throwing a Labor Day weekend party and another friend was coming in from out of town. I invited him to come over from Atlanta and hang out for the weekend. He came over and we had a great time. He even stuck around for an extra day, calling in “sick” to work. Two weeks later, I found myself agreeing to date him even after making a solemn vow about not dating for a while after my last break-up. If he ever wants something, he can usually find a way to coax an agreement out of me, given enough time and the right incentive for me.
Fast forward a little over 2 years later. Christmas Eve, 2002. A proposal follows me opening 24 ring boxes littered under his family’s Christmas tree. It’s all on tape somewhere. Quite cute, even though I was really sick of ring boxes after that. We moved in together. 6 months after that, we bought a house together.
Fast forward a short while later. September 27, 2003. We both exchanged vows in a small, white pavilion in Roswell, GA, in a wonderful, if slightly stormy, wedding and handfasting ceremony. The company, our friends and family were wonderful. Everyone had a great time.
Fast forward once more. September 27, 2004. Today. It’s been a year now, since we made our vows. They hold true just as strongly today as they did one year ago. Even through the arguments and disagreements we have, I love spending every day with him. He is a constant reminder to me that there really are good things in the world worth fighting for. I love you very much, Sean. Happy First Anniversary!

mouse hell

I am a creature of habit when it comes to my computer. I have my set peripherals and I use them until I kill them (read: keys quit working on my keyboard, mouse ball is a goo of rubber, etc.). It took having to use Sean’s natural keyboard for a while before I finally broke down and bought one. I haven’t looked back since. It’s the only type of keyboard that I like to type on, with the exception of my laptop.

This week, I managed to injure my wrist. The nurse at our company’s Health Resources says that it’s because I’ve been putting particular, unnecessary stress on my right wrist lately. Either way, the verdict was to keep the wrist wrapped until I could rotate it fully again without pain… and to get rid of my mouse at work. My company is big into ergonomics. We have a full department that makes sure that our work environment is as non-stressful to our bodies as possible. We even have to go through training when we start work here for ergonomics.

I love my mouse. I’ve always felt most comfortable using a mouse when moving the cursor around the screen. Yesterday, though, the mouse was replaced. Now, I have a trackball in its place. I hesitated at first to use it. I can actually navigate around WinXP (specifically Visual Studio .NET) incredibly well without a mouse. Finally, though, I had to start using it, while I was doing some form design. The dreaded trackball. Something new I had to get used to. I tried it. I moved the trackball around with two of my fingers and the cursor glided smoothly across the screen and came to a very efficient stop exactly where I wanted it to. The best part? I didn’t have to move my wrist at all. Five minutes later, I didn’t know how I had survived without a trackball before. How marvelously easy it was for me to do finite work with this thing! I didn’t have to use the keyboard to cautiously move elements of a form around! I’m addicted. Admittedly, I miss the scroll wheel off of my old mouse, but I think I can program that into this trackball somewhere. Oh the possibilities with this marvelous invention!

Hrm… Maybe I’ll even get one for my laptop…. How much more efficient I could be in Photoshop with a trackball!

the day it rained

Yesterday morning, Sean and I woke up early so that we could go autocrossing. Thankfully, the fall series (yesterday was the first of the series) starts later in the morning than the summer series did. We started racing about 9am and we were done and on our way to lunch around 11am. More on autocrossing later, though. We went and had a very tasty lunch at a restaurant called El Paso Barbecue. Tasty food ensued. Sean had the smoked chicken and the St. Louis style ribs. I had the pulled pork and baby back ribs. Delicious on both sides.

After coming home, we went through our usual weekend routines. Bills got paid, laundry was rotated through, newspaper was flipped through, etc. After having my monthly talk with T-Mobile’s customer service (yes, they got my bill screwed up again), I finished up with the rest of the bills, filled out a few other things to get in the mail (for all IEEE members reading this, don’t forget to cast your ballots) and finally sat down to watch Gosford Park. We just bought it since we found it at Best Buy for $10. Can’t beat that. I was sitting on the floor, watching Gosford Park and flipping idly through newspaper ads when it happened.

At first, it was quiet. I barely even registered it audibly. Then, it got noisier and started to smack against the window. I paused the movie and just listened. Sure enough, it was raining outside. No dust storm had preceded it (we’re actually officially out of monsoon season), it wasn’t a great, powerful, windy storm. It was just raining. I opened the front door and was hit with the wonderful aroma of fresh rain and the desert. I swear rain never smelled so good back in Alabama. I just stood there and watched it for a while. It was so pretty watching everything soak up the rain as fast as it could.

It rained for a good 20-30 minutes. Then, as soon as it came, it was gone. I could still smell it, though, for the longest time. It was so nice. This morning, driving into work, I noticed the desert had bloomed overnight. There was green shooting up from everywhere. All the plants are out and growing while they still can. Absolutely beautiful.


The past couple of days have been a slow recovery for me. This year, Dragon*Con wasn’t nearly as draining on my system as it has been in years past (last year, for example, where I decided that going to Con and then getting married 3 weeks later was a fantastic idea). I still came home sleep-deprived.

Wednesday was a nightmare. I barely dragged myself through the day. All code written on Wednesday was immediately erased and rewritten on Thursday. Caffeine intake consisted of Large Starbucks coffee, 20 oz. Cherry Coke at lunch and a 12 oz. Mountain Dew in the afternoon.

This morning was a little easier to wake up to. I started working out again, so the bike ride helped a bit with waking me up. I made it through the day with one small Starbucks coffee and a 20 oz. Mountain Dew. Tomorrow (Friday) morning, I have to stick around the house in the morning so that some repairmen can come out and fix a couple problems we found with the house. Nothing serious. Just some warranty repairs. I’m shooting for a cup of coffee in the morning and maybe a soda at Brent’s during poker night. We’ll see. Depends on how much sleep I get. Speaking of which, it’s almost 10pm. Time for sleep.

ps. For all of you guys that I got to see at Dragon*Con this year, it was really great seeing you! For those of you who I didn’t get to see, I miss you guys! If you’re going to be around the Atlanta or Huntsville area at Christmas, Sean and I’ll be in town then, so we’ll be visiting a metric assload of friends and family at that point in time.