impatience & boredom

This week is about to drive me nuts. Tomorrow, I leave work a little before 2pm MST to head to the airport. I fly out a little after 3pm to head to Atlanta. A result of several causes, one being that I’m trying to keep my plate empty with being gone for several days over this next week, two being that my task lead that keeps my plate heaping full has been out sick with strep and three that I’m still waiting on my clearance, I am incredibly bored right now at work. I’ve caught up with documentation that I wanted to read through. I’ve updated code to the point that I can leave it stable for right now. There are some other changes that I would like to make, but it’s a process that will take more than today and part of tomorrow and if I had to come back to it, I doubt I’d be able to remember where I left off. I am at a loss now of what to do. Impatience at wanting to be at Dragon*Con already is not helping the boredom I’m experiencing. It’ll be better when I get home tonight because I still have to pack my suitcase (packing was abandoned last night when I hit the proverbial wall). One more thing to work on for my costume. 25 more hours and I’ll be out of here. I just have to keep my patience under control until then…

2 thoughts on “impatience & boredom

  1. I’m bored too. 🙁
    Have fun at Dragon Con though! I’ll be going to Oxford this weekend for football and a family get together.

  2. I’m SO READY to get to ‘con. Of course, for me, the moment I step on-site, the worst is over for me.

    My booze is packed, baby!

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