Cause an Un-natural Disaster

Good geek wasting time here: The Bridge Construction Set

They have a number of other games, but the demo for BCS is quick, and has alot of playability. I got to level 6 after awhile, but am now a bit stuck. See if you structural engineers can build something that will withstand The Train

3 thoughts on “Cause an Un-natural Disaster

  1. I only see 5 levels… am I missing something? And it is pretty cool, but I wish they would give some explanations of why some designs work and why some don’t.

  2. I know, i saw I was in as admin, my computer did that for me since someone did the upgrade around here.

    Rick, once you complete more levels, you should get more on the list, i think someone said they went up to 15 levels for the demo version.

    The link where I downloaded it was actually off of, so i do not know if it is different that the one off the company website.

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