week in recap

Since last week I had no time to post anything, I’ll post a quick recap of the week for those interested.
Work was busy, as usual. Even whilst waiting on a clearance, Tony manages to find a million things for me to do. I’ve even created a task list just for him so that I can keep track of the endless bits of programming I need to get done.
Wednesday night was cool. We had a beautiful lightning storm come through. Sean and I even got into the car and drove out a little ways so that there were no lights around and just watched the storm. Gorgeous.
Thursday morning was bad. As a result of our lightning storm watching, we had opened the sunroof of the Focus. Thursday morning we realized that the sunroof didn’t want to shut completely. While trying to help my husband get the sunroof shut, my right pointer finger got jammed. To quote Sean, “I never want to hear that sound you made out of you again.” I completely concur. I still have a blood blister on the finger and it’s still pretty numb on the end, but as far as I can tell, nothing broke. Even if it did, there’s not much you can do about it. Just let it heal on it’s own.
Thursday night we headed to one of our favorite bars/breweries here in town, Four Peaks Brewery, to say good-bye to two of the interns that were headed back to college. Much good food and beer was consumed.
Friday night, Sean and I crashed hard. Tasty sesame pork lo mein was prepared and consumed.
Saturday and Sunday was “get more unpacking done around the home”. We got boxes unpacked and out of the garage, which means Sean can finally park in the garage now. Shelving was bought to store said unpacked goods. Shopping trips to Target, Home Despot, World Market and Sam’s Club ensued to purchase various items for the home.
Sunday, I spent the day attempting to get part of my D*Con costume put together. I discovered how much I rely on having feeling in my right fingers to sew. Thus, sewing was a little sluggish, but I got the worst part of the costume done. The other parts are straight lines and only a little bit of elastic (thank goodness, I’m sick of elastic).
Today started a fresh, new week. My car is finally in the shop to get the white paint off of it. It’s also getting completely detailed, so I’ll take the opportunity of my car looking gorgeous to finally get some pictures of it taken and posted. Thursday, Geof arrives. Friday, Kara, Matt & Danny come over for dinner and a chance to see the house. Saturday, we take Geof around Phoenix and we head to Bank One Ballpark for a game. All in all a busy week.