the comfy chair

For anyone who ever visited Heather, Jess and myself, when we lived together in the geek-chick apartment, would remember the comfy chair. It was a big, overstuffed chair that Jess brought down from her aunt’s when she first moved into the apartment. It then migrated around with me to a few new locations.

It was a great chair, but it had a small problem. The chair explodes. Literally. No matter how carefully you ever sat in the chair, the bottom cushion would always wind up sliding halfway out, the back cushion would slide down where the bottom cushion used to be and any pillows would get eaten up by the remaining space. As comfy as it was, I’ve been looking for a replacement for the chair for a while now. This weekend, we found a comfy butterfly chair at Target.

The comfy chair was removed from our home for the last time tonight. I would like to ask for a moment of silence to a wonderful old piece of furniture.

weekend perspective

The past few days found Sean and myself unpacking more boxes, trying to get a room at a time unpacked. Saturday, we concentrated on the living room. Sunday, we turned to our own rooms (his is the computer room, mine is the craft room). As I unpacked boxes, I found the box with our wedding picture and guest signatures in it. When Sean and I got married, instead of having a guest book that I knew we would never open, I opted to obtain a large white mat with a nice frame and have our guests sign the mat. We then took our favorite wedding picture and placed it in the center of the mat.

I never have had a chance to just sit down and read all of the messages from our friends and family that are on the mat. Instead, I’ll get the odd chance here and there to read a message or two. It’s kind of like a little bit of our wedding spread out over time, because each message is such a wonderful gift. When I unwrapped the picture, I got a chance to read a couple more messages on it this weekend. It left me with a warm fuzzy in my heart and a renewed sense of appreciation for my best friend and husband. There are days in our marriage that I can get incredibly frustrated with Sean and I almost wonder how I got myself into this mess (thankfully, they are very few and far between and I’m sure he has similar ones for me), but then something comes along and I think of how wonderful the rest of our days are together and I have not a doubt in my mind that I picked the perfect partner for me.

It’s just all about putting things in the right perspective.