impatience & boredom

This week is about to drive me nuts. Tomorrow, I leave work a little before 2pm MST to head to the airport. I fly out a little after 3pm to head to Atlanta. A result of several causes, one being that I’m trying to keep my plate empty with being gone for several days over this next week, two being that my task lead that keeps my plate heaping full has been out sick with strep and three that I’m still waiting on my clearance, I am incredibly bored right now at work. I’ve caught up with documentation that I wanted to read through. I’ve updated code to the point that I can leave it stable for right now. There are some other changes that I would like to make, but it’s a process that will take more than today and part of tomorrow and if I had to come back to it, I doubt I’d be able to remember where I left off. I am at a loss now of what to do. Impatience at wanting to be at Dragon*Con already is not helping the boredom I’m experiencing. It’ll be better when I get home tonight because I still have to pack my suitcase (packing was abandoned last night when I hit the proverbial wall). One more thing to work on for my costume. 25 more hours and I’ll be out of here. I just have to keep my patience under control until then…

he came, he drank, he left

This past weekend, Sean and I got the pleasure of having an old friend visit us. We picked Geof up from the airport Thursday night. Of course, his flight was a wee bit late getting in, but I didn’t mind waiting around for a few minutes. At least it was a new terminal that I hadn’t seen yet at Sky Harbor. The drinking for the weekend started promptly upon arriving at Casa de Geek. Fat Tire Ale was the choice for Thursday night. Friday, Sean and I had to go to work during the day, but Geof managed to fiddle around the house all day. He even got curious and wandered around the backwoods that we live in out here in Arizona. Friday night, Matt, Kara and Danny came over. They hadn’t seen the house yet, so this gathering served a duel purpose of them getting to see our new home and getting to meet Geof. Much tasty food and beer was consumed. Games followed, much to the delight of Kara. Danny even joined in with his very own deck of cards (note to self: those are forever Danny’s cards as I don’t think they’re a complete set anymore. Oh well, the price for a child’s delight).

Saturday, Sean and I got a chance to take Geof around a few bits of Phoenix. I had to get some containers at Organized Living, which is close to one of our Apple Stores, so a visit there was required. Yummy Mexican food was consumed at Abuelo’s Mexican Food Embassy, our favorite Mexican place here. We then meandered our swollen with food bellies over to Fry’s Electronics for Geof to stare in wonder at the Geek Mecca that Fry’s is. He was mightily impressed even if we didn’t find the Treo charger that he was looking for. After Fry’s, we had some time to kill before needing to be at the baseball game, so we took Geof to our favorite Irish pub. John, one of our wonderful friendly bartenders, was nice enough to recommend a tasty whiskey to Sean and Geof, so while I happily nursed my Strongbow, Geof and Sean partook in whiskey, but Geof can tell that story much better than I can.

We eventually found our way into downtown Phoenix and Bank One Ballpark (affectionately known as Bob) to watch the Diamondbacks actually beat another baseball team (aka the Cincinatti Reds). Don’t worry Geof, the Diamondbacks lost 11-1 on Sunday, so that should make you feel better. Good seats and great laughs were had. After the game, to nurse Geof’s hurt ego, since his team lost, and to consume more food and alcohol, we made our way back to Rula Bula. More alcohol was consumed until, very tired, we made our way back home for the evening.

Sunday was spent lazing around the house until lunch time when we took Geof to Four Peaks Brewery to continue his weekend of yummy alcohol consumption and one last good meal in Phoenix. Yes, a brew pub can actually serve excellent beer and good food. After a sampler beer platter for Geof and pints for Sean and myself, accompanied with food, we took Geof by my campus just to see where I worked, and then dropped him off at the airport.

It was a good weekend spent in excellent company. I remembered that the hardest thing I left behind when we moved out here to Phoenix was all of our wonderful friends in Huntsville. It was good getting to see you again, Geof. I’ll see what I can do about getting some Redbreast to you. 🙂