a week later

It’s been an official week since we moved into our new home. That still sounds weird. We spent over two months living in a tiny hotel room where we kept telling ourselves that soon, soon we would have our home. Now we live in it. We’ve spent a week commuting into work. We have everything hooked up and rooms are starting to take shape.

Boxes are still scattered all around the house. We won’t have boxes out of this house for a few more months. In our old home, we were forced into putting so much of our stuff into storage because we didn’t have the floor space for storage options. Now, we have the floor space, but not the storage options.

To say that I am pleased with this house is a huge understatement. I love this house. I never imagined we would get so much out here in Phoenix when so much of our lives have changed by moving out here. We have the type of house that we really wanted. Our commute is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. We had originally estimated that it would take 45-60 minutes to get into work. Instead, we can get to my office, at least, in 35-45 minutes. We have a grocery store right around the corner (almost literally) so we don’t have to plan grocery shopping trips based on when we’ll be closer into the city. We do, though, make the sacrifice of not being able to just randomly come and go to our house throughout the day while on errands. We make our list, we run our errands and then we come home. It’s not bad, but it’s different from living in the middle of everything.

This weekend, we’re going to spend our first quiet weekend at the house. We’ve got boxes that at least have to be opened and checked for damage (a few things got damaged, but thankfully everything was insured, so I’m not too worried). I have a costume that I need to start for Dragon*Con, which is coming up in only a few more weeks. Most of all, though, I think Sean and I are just going to enjoy being here.

3 thoughts on “a week later

  1. WOO HOO!!!!! I’m so glad that you guys made it! Mom and Dad are really happy with your choice too. I definitely heard mom say to our neighbor that the new house has “growing room”. **Already expecting babies**
    HAHAHA. They can’t even get me to move out of their house! Those silly parents! Note to Kat and Sean: There is now no age limit of when you move out of your parents’ house. That means you should plan to raise your kids until they are 30 or married off.

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