don’t try this at the office

Yesterday afternoon found me at a doctor’s office trying to get a small infection, that was getting worse and not going away on it’s own, taken care of. The doctor prescribed about three different drugs for me: a steroid, an antibiotic and a pain killer. The pain killer is hydrocodone (generic for Lortab). He and the pharmacist warned me that the pain killer might cause some drowsiness, but I shrugged it off. I rarely get the side effects of medicines. Why would this one be any different? I took one pill last night before going to bed. Didn’t notice drowsiness, but then again, I was asleep. I took another this morning with breakfast. I didn’t notice anything the entire car ride to the office (Sean was driving this morning). I get to the office, sit down at my desk and start my usual morning routine. All of a sudden, I start to get a little dizzy and drowsy. Great. This would be the one medicine that I actually have a reaction to.

I’m currently sitting at my desk, intensely concentrating on typing this post, because coding is just out of the question for right now. Lesson learned, don’t take hydrocodone before heading to work in the morning. Bad idea.

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7 thoughts on “don’t try this at the office

  1. “The label says, ‘May cause drowsiness.’ It should say, ‘Don’t make any f**king plans.’ “

  2. Yeah, exactly. Thankfully, a can of Mountain Dew and just giving it time to wear off has helped immensely, but my morning was just completely shot because of that damn medicine.

  3. *nod* I’ve been prescribed hydrocodone a couple of times…most recently after my wisdom tooth extraction. It’s serious stuff (it’s a class 3 controlled narcotic in the same general drug family as heroin). It works, though.

    Here’s another warning for you: if you take it consistently for a few days, you may want to come off of it gradually. This last time was the first time I took it for more than a day or so, and I had some rather annoying withdrawal symptoms when I stopped (nausea mostly).

  4. I think I can safely say that I’ll be taking this stuff a couple times, mainly when I’m at home in the evening and I can crash. Thanks, though, for the advice. I’ll heed the advice this time. 🙂

  5. “Do Not Take Before Unimportant Meetings That You Nevertheless Must Stay Awake During”

    Awake but comatose … passed out … what’s the difference, other than my Treo having more battery life because I haven’t played a bunch of Klondike? 😉

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