sleeping with my eyes open

Moving into our new house and starting a new life out here in Phoenix has encouraged me to set new goals for myself. This is the perfect time to have new goals with a new plan of attack. My fresh, new, sparkling goals are similar to my old, corroded goals with a few twists. Instead of setting out to lose weight, which I have learned many times the hard way is a bad measurement of success, I am setting out to fit better into my clothes. With a new, empty fridge and pantry, I am setting out to eat better for myself and for Sean.

My plan of attack is definitely different with these new goals as opposed to my old ones. With an empty fridge, we can start buying foods that are better for us instead of trying to eat the ones that aren’t and then slowly replace them with healthy foods. Clean start means that junk food does not even have to enter the house. Not too hard. I can deal with this. It’s incredibly hard to just sneak off during lunch time to go work out when it takes me 10 minutes alone to get from my office to my car. I will instead head to the gym twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) after work. To supplement only going to the gym twice a week, I am also waking up early to walk the neighborhood for 30 minutes 5 days a week. The definition of ‘early’ here would be better described as ‘BF early’. 4:30am. The sun is just starting to grace the sky with the slightest tinges of light in the east. I’m having issues dealing with this one.

As a direct result of trying to unpack boxes at night after work and having to get up really, really early the next morning, I’m not getting much sleep. As a result of not getting much sleep, my coffee is incredibly potent in the morning and coding all day without falling asleep requires extreme effort. I think I might try sleeping with my eyes open this afternoon. Think anybody would notice that I’m not awake if my hands don’t move?

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4 thoughts on “sleeping with my eyes open

  1. I have tried doesn’t work to well…the sleeping at work business…but I also use to walk 5 days a week in the am….once you adjust to the hours, you’ll love it. i really does get your blood going for the day. I’ll let you know how New Orleans goes soon!

    p/s looks like I might come out for labor day..that is con right? will both you and Sean be gone?

  2. I will most likely be here in town, kat is going to the con this year, i have no vacation to start out with.

  3. I too am starting my new butt-reduction plan. It requires me pushing the stroller (with Eli in it!) up the hill in front of my house at least once a day. Ugh. I can’t wait til it cools off.

  4. I’m starting to break into the habit of being up early. This morning, I couldn’t go walking, but I did yoga instead and it still felt really good to be up and watch the sunrise. I think I took the newspaper delivery person by surprise when I was outside just waiting for the paper. 🙂

    Oh yeah, and the sunrises out here are unbeatable. Too beautiful for words, so I’ll try to take a picture tomorrow morning.

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