our house (in the middle of the street)

We moved into our house this weekend. Yes, I’m sure all of you guys are glad to hear that we will not be making a million more posts about the building and finishing of our house. Admittedly, though, our lives have centered around this house being finished so that we could move in. Anyway… The house is finished. Our boxes and furniture now reside in it.

For those of you who know me, I’m sure it will come as no surprise to know that the one room in the house that’s completely unpacked and put together is the kitchen. Everything is put away, we have some food in the fridge, a lot of food in the pantry and we actually have cabinet space. I still can’t believe it myself. There’s actual room in this kitchen. I think Sean and I estimated that it’s a 4-butt kitchen. There are 3 good prep areas within the kitchen and the bar countertop is wide enough that it is easily another prep area. The fridge, with the washer and dryer, were delivered on Sunday. We’ve already run several loads of laundry through the washer and dryer. We love our happy washer and dryer. The fridge is pretty schweet, too. We’re slowly but surely loading it up with food.

The guest bedroom has a bed set up in it for Sean’s parents to sleep on. It’s got a wall of boxes left to unpack and then bits and pieces of furniture, but it’s low on our unpacking priority list. The master bedroom is in slightly better condition. The living room still has boxes scattered everywhere, but the TV and sound system are hooked up. That, also, should be no surprise. The server closet is quickly getting set up. We have the cable modem working (got set up on Saturday) and the wireless works pretty well throughout the house. I want to see how far I can go outside with it still working. The rest of the house consists of boxes. I’ll take pictures tonight and upload them. One of these days, the house will look normal, but most likely not until after November when the IKEA opens up out here, although Sean is currently trying to convince me that a trip to San Diego and it’s IKEA is a good idea.

Maybe now our lives can return to normal.

12 thoughts on “our house (in the middle of the street)

  1. A four-butt kitchen? Looooooooxury!

    [BTW, I’m greatly amused that Todd‘s asinine comment about kitchen size being measured in butts has now caught on.]

  2. Hands down, it’s the best way to measure the usability of a kitchen. I mean, if a kitchen is a 1-butt kitchen and there are two people who enjoy cooking at once, then it’s a useless kitchen. It’s a lot clearer than trying to determine a square-footage measurement of usable space around countertop area. Next thing you’ll know, it’s going to be an official form of measurement for usable space. 😉 I can just see it now, realtor’s will be like, “And this is a 20-butt living room, next to the 8-butt dining room and 4-butt kitchen.”

  3. so what’s the butt measurement on my kitchen? We’ve had lotsa people in there at one time before…

  4. Well, your kitchen is kinda difficult. It doesn’t have a lot of countertop space, but it’s got a lot of room for people to stand in it. So, we would then have to split your kitchen into “useful butts” and “lazy butts” measurements.

  5. Glad to know I have some effect on people! For the good or bad doesn’t matter, just to know that I’ve touched the lives of others is enough for me! Congrats on your 4 butt kitchen! I really wish we could have worked something out for you guys to swing by my 2.5 butt kitchen and have dinner, but them’s the breaks. 😉

  6. What do you mean I don’t have counter space?!?! I’m boggled by this, as we have space on either side of the stove and sink…How soon you forget your friend’s kitchens…snif…

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