new coat of paint

Dear Dumb-Ass,

When carrying paint in the back of your truck, please make sure it is secure. If it does spill, please make an attempt to clean it up off the road, rather than leave it for a car to run-through and get all over an already perfectly good coat of paint.

My husband and I spent yesterday evening outside, next to my car, trying to scrape dried paint off my car with our fingernails and a clay bar. Not fun. Certainly not the way I had anticipated spending my evening. We will also be spending this evening, continuing the effort of scraping paint off my car while trying to not scrape the original coat of paint off.

Next time, please attempt to be less of a dumb-ass for the general good of the public.

aka. Owner of a now green and white Miata.

5 thoughts on “new coat of paint

  1. Let me say that I am bemused that you stole my open letter meme.

    Let me also say that I’d happily boot this jerkwad in the head a few times!

  2. Misty – Hopefully not. We’ve been successful so far in just brute force scraping it off. In fact, the only paint that’s now on the car is in the wheel wells on the driver’s side (and it’s really thick there) and on the bottom edge of the driver’s side. There was a suggestion made on to just spray the black rubberized paint in the wheel wells to cover up the white paint. It would have the added bonus of some noise reduction as well. We’ll see about the bottom edge.

    Geof – Sorry. It was the only way I felt like I could appropriately address this issue. It really is a great way to write an entry, though. I’m tempted to change my rant category to my “Dear Dumb-Ass” category. 😉

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