july fourth

Aimee D. is coming this weekend! I swear this chik has got the best friends to have around. An old friend of hers works for America West and offered her a buddy pass to fly out to Phoenix this weekend to visit with him. Added bonus, we get to see her, too! Saturday, Sean and I are headed to a grill-out with some of my coworkers. Sunday, though, it’ll be time to hit the Tempe area and enjoy walking around Mill Avenue and then watching the fireworks over Tempe Town Lake.

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8 thoughts on “july fourth

  1. Amy who?

    Glad to know you’re getting company coming to visit. The people who come to visit you are royalty. 😉

  2. You see, this is the reason I put Amy D. to indicate Dunnavant, as in Crutcher’s sister. 😉

  3. ok. so her namie is Aimee no Amy. Had you spelled it correctly I would have known exactly who you were talking about…

  4. Yeah, that’s my sleep-deprived self spelling. Sorry about that. It’s fixed now. One of these days, when the starts align properly (and we’re finally in our house), I’ll get some decent sleep. Until then, I’m going to be sleep-deprived because our cats think it’s fun to use the litter box all through the night and then crunch away at their food.

  5. Aha, Aimee. That’s who I thought you meant, but with the standard spelling, I was quite confused.

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