New Pictures to Report Captain

Kat and I went back out to the house today to see if any more progress has been made. Looks like we have our moldings in, and most of the light fixtures, and the grading of the land around the house. On the list of things to get done as far as I can tell is Water Heater, Landscaping, Flooring, Counters, Appliances, Final Paint, Faucets, and some other general things.I know, here is what you really want: Pictures

Also a few weeks ago I went out to my first autocrossing of the season, I took some pictures of the cars before my battery ran out, those who play Grand Turismo might recognize some of them.
Pictures again


2 thoughts on “New Pictures to Report Captain

  1. yep, i actually ran the event that the pictures were from. the car is fun, but needs stickier tires, oh, and a better driver.

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